Heavy Metcon 30/10/13

Posted 31st October 2013 by Geoff Stewart

Dynamic warm up
Heavy KB warm up

Round 1. With your partner working alternating every 30 sec back squat max reps at 2020 tempo for 4 mins.
60sec to change with lunges and pressing station (alt 6 steps el and 6prs)
Round 2. With your partner working alternating every 30sec Push press max reps at 20×0 tempo for 4 mins.
60sec to change with lunges and squatting station (alt 6steps el and 6 rack squats)
Round 3. With your partner working alternating every 30 sec deadlifts max reps at 2020 tempo for 4 mins.
60sec to change with lunges and press up station (alt 6steps el and 6 press ups)
Round 4. With your partner working alternating every 30sec Pull ups max reps at 2020 tempo for 4 mins.
60sec to change with lunges and thruster station (alt 6steps el and 6 thrusters)

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Posted by Josh Schouten


KB clean n press tekkers


A: Deadlifts 6 x 3 30×1 Every 90 sec


B1 BB walking lunges 4 x 12 steps :60

B2 band pull throughs 4 x 12 :60



3 rounds each with 1 min rest between couplets each couplet 3 x


KB clean n press 10 ea

Burpees 5

Rest 1 min

KB swings 10

Pull ups 5

Rest 1min

3 rounds of each.

#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 30/10/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 30th October 2013 by Josh Schouten


15 mins Clean tekkers


A: Light BB complex (do not set bar down) 5 x 5 rest :60


High pull

Power clean

Front squats

Push press


B: Squats cleans 3 reps every min for 10 mins (cfe 6 mins)



Max reps in 3 mins (cfe 2mins)

10 T2B

10 press ups

 2 min rest

Max reps in 3min (cfe 2 mins)

10 sit ups

10 pull ups

Nutritional Support at Momentum Training

Posted 29th October 2013 by Jenna Fisher

It is widely known that nutritional advice can provide guidance on how to build muscle, increase endurance, lose fat and aid recovery. Equally important however, is that it can also help to support your body against other underlying factors that may hinder your performance in the gym i.e. gastrointestinal disorders (bloating/constipation/diarrhoea/candida/IBS etc.), fatigue, anxiety, stress, inflammation, frequent colds and infections, urinary tract infections, PMS, headaches, sub optimal detoxification/toxicity, hormonal problems etc. All of the body’s systems can be supported by optimal nutrition and lifestyle/environmental changes.

Our general health and wellbeing have a huge impact on the success of achieving our goals in the gym. Nutritional intake is key to how we function, both mentally and physically. The trillions of cells in or bodies are dependent on nutrients and the function of our tissues, organs and systems require our cells to be in optimal health.

Jenna has completed a diploma in nutrition and she is keen to help educate our Momentum members on the best nutrition for your individual goals.  Jenna will be available for food diary reviews and nutritional therapy from the 1st November.

Food diary review: for general guidance on changes you can make to your nutritional intake to help you to achieve your goals. As introductory offer appointments in November this will be £20 (£30 thereafter).

Nutritional therapy: a deeper assessment to address any specific issues you have had in achieving optimal health. This involves a comprehensive consultation and personalised plan. The initial appointment is £60 and, if needed, follow ups will be £30.

Please email Jenna at if you are interested in an appointment. Jenna will email you the paperwork to complete in advance and we can fix a date.

Food diary review: Please complete a food and drink diary (template will be provided) for one week if possible, three days if not (two typical weekdays and one weekend day). If you can, please note the time of the meal and how you feel in the hour afterwards i.e. bloated, sleepy, energised, agitated etc. Please also give Jenna an outline of your goals in the gym i.e. fat loss, muscle gain, look good naked 😉

Nutritional therapy: Please complete a pre-consultation questionnaire (template will be provided) and let me know of any medications and supplements that you are currently taking.

Jenna looks forward to helping you to achieve your health and fitness goals.