26/1/2015 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 25th January 2015 by Josh Schouten


Day 1: Swim – : 200m TT, 150m TT, 100m TT, 50m TT, 25m TT, Recover 1:1

Day 2: Bike – : 3M TT, 2M TT, 1M TT, 800m TT, 400m TT, Recover 1:1

Day 3: Run – : 1M TT, 1200m TT, 800m TT, 400m TT, 200m TT, Recover 1:1

Day 4: Swim -: Repeat 7:00on, 3:00off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 5 : Bike -: 25k TT

Day 6: Run  -: Repeat 7:00on, 3:00off until form/pace deteriorates



Day 1: 1M TT, 1200m TT, 800m TT, 400m TT, 200m TT, Recover 1:1

Day 2: Repeat 7:00on, 3:00off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: 30:00 TT




CFH Training Days 26/01/2015 – 01/02/2015

Posted by Josh Schouten

WEEK 4/12


ExerciseFirst Its the new year and the motivation to hit the gym is high.  Even on the freezing cold mornings you manage to drag yourself out of bed and make it to the box.  So how long is this new found motivation going to last? Are you going to keep the Momentum going and make this year the year that you smash your goals?  How is this year going to be different? What is going to keep you moving in the right direction and push you to new heights? Enter the training partner!!

One of the best things about a CrossFit box is the community.  The chance to train with a variety of other people, a chance to make new friends, a chance to learn from others, a chance to help others, and a chance to bring out the best in each other.  No matter your level of experiance in the gym, there is much to gain from having training partners.  The best training partners are the people who are positive, and often the people who have something your missing.  Find someone who is a little stonger than you.  Find someone who is a little fitter than you.  Find  someone who posesses some skills that you are still trying to master.  This give you something to chase, someone to learn from, and someone to workout with.  You may ask, “how does this help them?”  If your on a mission to chase them down and to be as strong, fit and skillful as them, they are going to need to watch their back.  If they get lazy, you will soon be beating them.

So who is chasing you? As a new influx of foundations members start their CrossFit experiance they will be looking up to many of the existing members.  They will be watching your every move, asking you questions about your training, and comparing their times/scores on the board.  They will be the ones chasinsg you down.  So you better be watchin your back 😉

The competition element of CrossFit is all about having fun and testing yourself.  Personally my strengths are the gymnastics movements, the heavy deadlift, box jumps, or handstand press-ups.  When my strengths appear in the WOD, I know people will be chasing me.  Double-unders, heavy cleans, thrusters and muscle-ups are some of my weaknesses and areas that I need to improve on.  When these movements are in a WOD there are a number of members in the gym who I know I’m going to be chasing.  Then there is the WODs that contain a combination of the good, the bad ,and the ugly,  these are the workouts that will be close and the ones that I look forward to the most.  Its time to make some of my weaknesses a strength and start focusing on some of the things I’m not good at yet.

Enjoy you week, practice something you suck at!


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 CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet


You think you’re busy… Wait until you read this – Meet Annie

Posted 21st January 2015 by Josh Schouten

I’m not quite Annie Thorisdottir, but I’m aiming to get pretty close this year. I have set out to complete 52 sporting challenges in 52 weeks.

Having picked up Crossfit in September 2014, I am still a newbie, but am definitely a convert to the benefits. I stumbled across Crossfit, and specifically Momentum, when looking for ways to prevent the injuries I suffered every time I ramped up cycling and running training. I knew my fundamental lack of strength was the root of the issue but I have an aversion to gyms and had no experience whatsoever of weights or bodyweight strengthening.

The last few months have been a steep learning curve. Starting with Josh’s taster session, Jenna’s Foundations course, and then the whole team’s crossfit, met con and engineering sessions, I have surprised myself. I really was rubbish – so when my lunge technique was complemented, I knew I’d made it (haha).

The strength gained and renewed confidence in my fitness was a key catalyst to my conviction that #challenge52 was the best idea I had had in a long time. Not only can I prioritise active adventures in my life, but I hope to also open the door for others to get moving too.

Please feel free to check out the challenges. Perhaps, put together a Team Momentum set of challenges? Check out Exerk yourself for more info on this.

Any suggestions also more than welcome. Please contact me with any ideas.

19/1/2015 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 18th January 2015 by Josh Schouten


Day 1: Swim – : 2 x (7:00on, 4:00off, 6:00on, 2:00off, 5:00on, 1:00off)

Day 2: Bike – : 2 x (7:00on, 4:00off, 6:00on, 2:00off, 5:00on, 1:00off)

Day 3: Run – : 2 x (7:00on, 4:00off, 6:00on, 2:00off, 5:00on, 1:00off)

Day 4: Swim -: 1000m @ 85%

Day 5 : Bike -: Repeat 400m, recover :60 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 6: Run  -: 5k @ 85%



Day 1: 2 x (7:00on, 4:00off, 6:00on, 2:00off, 5:00on, 1:00off)

Day 2: Repeat 100m, recover :60 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: 10M @ 85-90% 15k TT pace




CFH Training Days 19/01/2015 – 25/01/2015

Posted by Josh Schouten

WEEK 3/12


suckitupWHAT A WEEK!! There is loads of cool things going on at Momentum right now.  The Whole Life Challenge (WLC) commenced on Saturday and we had 48 members drop into Ozone Coffee Roasters for the first “Momentum Brunch.” Hopefully we can make this a regular monthly event at Ozone.  The first CrossFit Hackney Foundations course started this week and we had 20 new members take part.  Giles Greenwood started his first 6week beginner weightlifting course at Momentum.  And we have a team of CrossFitters working hard to qualify for the 2015 Box Battles competition.  The atmosphere and the community in the box is fantastic.  What a great environment to welcome our new member too.

In week 3 of the current phase we are gradually increasing the percentages on the lifts.  The weights are moderate at this stage and the speed and technique of the movements continue to be the priority.  Be patient, move the bar with intent and take this time to perfect your movements.  The heavy loads are coming!!

The strength gains at Momentum have been flying up over the months, so lets change gears and hit the aerobic energy system for a while. You may have noticed that we have been increasing the number of long WODs and testing your stamina and endurance lately.   The current phase switches between 2 days of shorter WODs followed by 1 day of a longer WOD.  These longer gassy WODS typically contain movements that are not heavy and allow you to keep moving.  Guess what?  Its time to build an engine and your going to need to SUCK IT UP!!! 


 10 Steps to Great Squatting Technique  Elbows inside the hands, elbows oulled in and then pushed forward, breath into your back, 3-steps to unrack, breath again, 3 points of contact under the foot, get down, commit to the descent, knees inline with the toes, drive the back of your head and shoulders up, and accelerate the bar up
 Supplemental Work for the olympic Lifts 

Its not all about the full clean, jerk and snatch.  Partial movements and ancillary work are essential for GAINZ.

Herschel Walker and Bodyweight beast building 

World class strength with bodyweight exercises

Zen and the Art of the Double Under 

“Stay calm, focus on your breathing.  Get into a good position, not a broken one. Maximise your 85%”

Post-Workout Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss & Muscle Development

Increase your protein intake to burn fat and build lean muscle

 CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet