Barbell Club – Phase 2

Posted 15th January 2015 by Josh Schouten

Phase 2

Time to keep it simple. Squat and work on those Gunz.

If you are looking at being stronger and harder to kill Barbell Club is where you need to go. Pure focus on getting you that Chin up or Body weight squat to make that CF just that little bit easier.


Whole Life Challenge 2015 @ Momentum Training

Posted 14th January 2015 by Josh Schouten

Now you have signed up where do you go from here?

First things first watch these 2 short videos. They will give you some great ideas of how to get set up for the inevitable. The best way to get your ass through the challenge is to be organised.

How to use my account

Nutrition Levels and Prep

Both Saturday 9am – 10am & Sunday 10am-11am Josh and Stretch will be at the gym to take your body fat readings. This will be on a first come first serve basis and will only be for people who are participating in the challenge.

The crew at Ozone Coffee Roasters have opted to give us a set menu for £10 p/p. This will be offered between 10am-2pm at their Old Street location click here for the details. Please get down there and support our local business and keep the community alive @ Momentum Training. Invite a fellow member you may not know so well to welcome them to the gym.Ozone WLC

Ozone WLC



12/1/2015 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 11th January 2015 by Josh Schouten


Day 1: Swim – : Repeat 75m, recover 2:30 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: Bike – : Repeat 800m, recover 2:30 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: Run – : Repeat 400m, recover 2:30 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 4: Swim -: Repeat 200m, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 5 : Bike -: 30k @ 85%

Day 6: Run  -: Repeat 1k, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates



Day 1: Repeat 400m, recover 2:30 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: Repeat 1k, recover 3:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: 15k TT




CFH Training Days 12/01/2015 – 18/01/2015

Posted by Josh Schouten

WEEK 2/12


Week 1 of the first 2015 phase went smoothly.  You will be glad to know Josh and Mark are back this week and you won’t need to put up with grump StreTch all week (thanks Sarah.B).   It was an interesting experiance to coach every day this week and talk to you all about the programming and your DOMS.  Its no suprise that we are all a little sore after time off, or simple because we are starting a new phase. Week 2 will not be as bad, so keep up the commitment and get to the box as much as possible in week 2.

trainingageThe same format will continue over the weeks 1-4 and you might ask why we do this?  Most, not all, CrossFit affiliates (and even the main sight) publish what seems to be a very random programme.  For most newbies a random programme will produce results.   Getting someone off their backside and into the gym will always see initial results.  After a while these results will start to slow down and this is where a well structured trainig programme in needed.  Random cookie cutter training programmes just wont cut it in the long term hunt for continual success. A well structured periodized training programme is a crutial part of the training stimuli need for continual adaptation to take place (in english, GAINZ)!!

This week I asked a couple of the classes if they know why the different CrossFit Hackney Levels  (Performance, Sport, Functional and Movement) are programmed to do a different sets, reps, and even exercise selection?  For example if you take a look at Thursdays programming:

Performance & Sport: Front Squat 5 Rounds of: [5,5,5,4,4] reps = 23reps in total

Functional: Front Squat 5 Rounds of: [6,6,6,6,6] reps = 30reps in total

Movemement: Front Squat 4 Rounds of: [8,8,8,8] reps = 32reps in total

Why would it be different?  Its all about your training ages.  Not how old you are, but how many years you have been in the gym lifting serious weights (not doing body pump and spin classes).  The athletes in the Performance and Sports levels will be the athletes that have been training for 2+ years squatting, deadling, overhead pressing, doing pull-ups and pick up heavy shit on a regular basis!  For these athletes to continue to make improvements they need to be lifting relativly heavy weights 75%+ on a regular basis.

The Functional level athletes should have been lifting weights for 12+months and have a good understanding of how to perform the movements.  Their bodies are still adapting to both the volume and the intensity (weight) of training.  They need more volume than the Performance and Sports athletes, but they also need to be lifting more weight than the Movement athletes.  This is why the programming is designed to add more repetitions and slightly less weight than the levels above.  We want you to get stronger and fitter by being exposed to the training stimuli and frequency that best suits your body and its traing age.

The Movement athletes are those that have been lifting weights for less than 12months.  These athletes need to spend more time under the bar perfecting the movements and not chasing the weights.  They say it takes 10,000 repetitions to become efficient at movement, and this is why new athletes need more volume.  This is why the Movement group will always perform more repetitions than the levels above them.

Its important you understand this, as following the wrong programme will not lead to the best results.  The athletes in the levels above you have been lifting weights for a lot longer than you and this is why they are above you.  Strength takes years to build and a well structured training programme designed for your individual training ability is always going to be more superior than a cookie cutter programme.  Make sure you are folowing the level that best suits your training age and ability.  If you are unsure of the level you should be following, please chat to our coaches.

There are some athletes that have been training in the gym for years (either at another gym or by solo) and to be honest they should still be in the Movement group.  We I say “training age” I mean the number of years you have been in the gym CORRECTLY lifting weights.

Keep up the hard work team and most of all enjoy your training.


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CFH 12 Week Mesocycle 05/01/2015 – 29/03/2015

Posted 4th January 2015 by Josh Schouten

Welcome to the first CrossFit Hackney mesocycle (12weeks) of 2015.   There are a number of focuses we will be working towards in the current phase.  At CrossFit Hackney we like to have a 12-week periodized programme to make sure all of our members are working towards solid improvements and results.  Periodization is an essential part of the training if continual adaptations are to take place ie we are going to get stronger, meaner and sexier. (more…)