5/1/2015 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 4th January 2015 by Josh Schouten


Day 1: Swim – : Repeat 125m, recover 2:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: Bike – : Repeat :30s on, :30s off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: Run – : Repeat 800m, recover 2:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 4: Swim -: Repeat :30s on, :30s off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 5 : Bike -: 10M TT

Day 6: Run  -: 10M TT



Day 1: Repeat 800m, recover 2:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: Repeat :30s on, :30s off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: 10k @ 85%




CFH Training Days 05/01/2015 – 11/01/2015

Posted by Josh Schouten

WEEK 1/12



Christmas is over and the new year has kicked into full swing, its time to get back into the gym and make some GAINZ!  The next 12 weeks have been difficult to program from a coaches perspective.  As you would expect there is going to be a lot of new faces around the box in January and February (Bloody new years resolutions!!) .  Not to forget that we also have a very solid base of existing members who need to be pushed harder with their training goals.  “Programming nightmare”!!!  This is exactly where the levels have made the programming job a little easier. Leave your BIG HEAD (ego) at the door and make sure you are following the correct programme in 2015.  We have given you the tools (CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet) to help choose the appropriate level for your ability.  The rest my friends is up to you.   Those who follow the correct programme will achive the best results. #justsaying

On another note, many of us like to go to the gym and hang our with the people we know.  CrossFit Hackney has a awesome community that supports and motivates all of us to get to the box and push ourselve.  So when was the last time you introduced yourself to a new face?  How many people at the box do you know?  Now is the perfect time to help the community at CrossFit Hackney become even better.  A little effort can go a long way in helping the new members feel like part of the gang, and existing members to make new training partners…. or rivals. If you would like to know more about the next 12 weeks, the break down can be found here.


Snatch and Clean Extension: Be Patient A common CrossFit lifting issue is athletes not being paitient enough to pull the bar into the hips before exploding up.
Why Fat is our Friend Yes, modern day nutrition advice to eat a low fat diet has caused many of the heal issues we have today.  Healthy fats are essential to health and life.

4 Reasons why CrossFit Really Works

4 Easy reasons.  There are plently more reasons out there, but the article is on the right track.

Setting Up For a Huge Squat

Over the next 12 weeks we will be working on some heavy squats. Get your lifting shoes ready and prep yourself to lift some HUGE weights

Optimal Training: The Death of Over and Under Training 

The “hardcore mentality” or the “less is more mentality”?

 CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet


2015 CrossFit Hackney Kick Ass Training Programme

Posted 3rd January 2015 by Josh Schouten

kickassIts time to start mixing things up a little at CrossFit Hackney.  The training programme in 2014 was already kick ass and had loads of positive feedback.   The 12 week mesocycles have been delivering ths results for our members and we plan to keep this format of a 7-day cycle. Not to brag, but CrossFit Hackney did manage to win the 2014 London Box Battles, so we must have been doing something right for a young box.