A Student of Ido Portal’s Movement Camp 2015

Posted 17th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

My training past has included many different activities ranging from Aussie Rules Football, soccer, tennis, marathons, triathlons, Olympic lifting, basic gymnastics, powerlifting, and CrossFit.  I consider myself to be in fairly good shape and ready for just about anything.

I’ve been observing Ido Portal from afar for around 12 months now and played with some his movement concepts in both my own training and in the programming for CrossFit Hackney. In 2015 I planned to attend one of his workshops in the hope to acquire new skills and discover a different perspective.

When the 2015 Movement Camp was released a part of me thought “I’m not ready to take part in something like this, I bet the participants will move a lot better than me.” My close family and friends know that I am the type of person to step outside my comfort zone and make the most of an opportunity like this.  “What’s better than spending time learning something new for a weekend?”  This was a chance to spend an entire week and immerse myself in a community of people who are putting the concepts into practice.

I’ve just spent the last week in Thailand and here are some of the invaluable lessons I’ve taken from it (please note, this is my individual interpretation of the material and maybe not the exact concepts): (more…)

Where’s Annie?

Posted 15th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Springing along – Recap of March

Last month was focused on foreign fields, with four of the feats finishing in France. Fancy that.

My craziest double challenge to date happened in March, pedalling 300km from London to Paris to run the Paris Half Marathon.

With two friends and the Google Map lady’s voice chiming out of our pockets, we had a great ride with glorious weather and minimal logistical hassle (a few fields, a gypsy commune and passing through one particular village 3 times were as bad as it got). (more…)

CFH Training Plan 13/04/2015 – 19/04/2015

Posted 12th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Week 3 of 16 Juggernaut


Week 3 is here, realisation week or testing week in the first Juggernaut wave.  Has your hard work produced any strength improvements?  Lets find out shall we!

The number repetitions you perform in this week’s AMRAP’s will dictate your “new working max” weights in the next Juggernaut 8’s wave.  You will notice that the final percentage in this week’s Juggernaut sets are 75%, this is typically your 10RM weight.  The aim is to do more than 10 repetitions in this final set. If you fail to get more than 10repetitions the new working max will be lower than your current working max. So dig deep and give the AMRAP your best shot!  The CrossFitters should have no trouble with this, but the “Barbell Bludgers” who insist on not being “overachievers” (their words not mine) will struggle to push past 11reps  (Is that a challenge?).   Anyhow, it’s time to switch mind-sets and aim for the highest number of quality repetitions possible. Grip the bar tight, take a deep breath and lets lift some heavy shi*.

There are many factors that will contribute to your output this week.  If your nutrition is not up to speed or your not getting enough sleep, don’t be surprised if your repetitions are not as high as they could be.  Take this into consideration, do the best you can in preparation for each training day.  If this week is not as successful as you would have hope, there are still another 3 waves to go in the Juggernaut cycle.  Live and learn.



 What your lower back says about your KB Swing Video: Some pillow talk about back pain that can be cause by overextension in many of our overhead movements. Limited shoulder mobility can be the cause of this over extension.
The Importance of Quality Skills Practice  The art of continued patience is the path to DU, Kipping Pull-ups, Dips, Muscle-ups, Handstands and all the other cool CrossFit movements. Enjoy the journey required to master these movements and stop looking for the “golden trick” or shortcut to achiving them.
 Colin Burns Snatch Instruction Video

Video: Step-by-step instructions to improve you snatch.

Twelve Benefits of Magnesium, The Anti-Stress Mineral  Sleep better, improve brain function, raise testosterone, get stronger, improve heart health, stronger bones, improve insulin sensativity, manage stress hormone, improve digestion, lower belly fat,
Methylation: Why Ir Matters For Your Immunity, Inflammation & More

Methyl groups control:

The stress (fight-or-flight) response
The production and recycling of glutathione — the body’s master antioxidant
The detoxification of hormones, chemicals and heavy metals
The inflammation response
Genetic expression and the repair of DNA
Neurotransmitters and the balancing of brain chemistry
Energy production
The repair of cells damaged by free radicals
The immune response, controlling T-cell production, fighting infections and viruses and regulating the immune response
If you have a shortage of methyl groups, or your methylation cycle is interrupted, any or all of these processes can become compromised, and you could get sick. Research has clearly linked impaired methylation with autoimmune conditions.

CrossFit Hackney Levels SpreadsheetCrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet


Barbell Club Phase 4

Posted 5th April 2015 by Josh Schouten

Over the past 8 weeks we have gone through some pretty significant changes in not only mind set but also knowledge in learning how do put different exercise together and why one might need to pick this over that.

This next phase will see us still in those higher rep schemes preparing the bodies yet again to dip into those spicy 1RMs again in 2 & 3 phases time.

As we know looking after our bodies before during and after a workout is paramount to the success of any given program. This week will see a blog go up about recommended nutrient intake for given workouts. So stay tuned and lest get cracking in this Phase 4.

CFH Training Plan 06/04/2015 – 12/04/2015

Posted by Josh Schouten

Week 2 of 16 Juggernaut


BOOM!!!  Juggernaut has arrived and the CrossFit classes are buzzing with members keen to increase their strength.  Very impressed to see the number of member who have downloaded the Juggernaut spread sheet and are using it to calculate their numbers.  TRUST ME, in week 5 when we commence the next wave (8’s) you are going to wish you had used the spread sheet, its a complicated process to calculate the strength improvements without it. Those of you who are unsure of your 1RM’s don’t stress.  After performing the AMRAP in week 3 the numbers will balance out and the spread sheet will determine how strong you really are.  Be ready for week 5! On the other hand, those who have overestimated their strength, you will be in for a shock come week 3.  If you fail to perform 10+ repetitions in the AMRAP your recommended weight will go DOWN in the next wave.  Yes, the weights will go down as you have not estimated your 1RM correctly.  The spread sheet don’t lie!!!

The Science of Rest

It’s a difficult concept for most CrossFitters to comprehend… REST!!  The rest periods refers to the length of rest between sets and exercises.  The length of the rest interval dictates both the training response (hypertropy, strength gains, metabolic change, etc..) and the hormonal response to a given workout.  The shorter the rest interval the greater the metabolic demand, hence why our Met-con classes are a great way to improve your body composition.  Generally, if you want to maximise the impact on the nervous system (strength training), full recovery is recommended between sets.  Longer rest periods are more likely to promote strength gains than shorter ones because near-maximal recovery of force generation parallels restoration of the energy substrates in the muscles.

Aim to take a minimum of: 90sec rest between your Juggernaut sets.  Allow the muscles and the nervous system to recover so you can maximise your output in the final AMRAP.  Strength is the objective here, not 3,2,1… GO!!


For the Love of Toe’s-to-Bar – P2 Mobility Are you flexible enough to get your toe’s to the bar?   Here are some excellent Yoga stretches to help you improve your range of motion and your TTB efficiency.
The Spine – How it Works, What Can Go Wrong, and How to Make it Stronger Carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc., can only happen with a flexible and strong spine.  Strength and mobility is important to all of us.
You’re Only As Strong As Your Strongest Link Juggernaut is a great programme for training both physical and mental strength.  The AMRAP will test your willpower and you physical strength all in one.  The major lifts are all associated to CrossFit movements and improving your overall strength is going to create a positive impact on your CrossFit scores.
 Double-Under Tips Ahhhhhhh… the whipping of the rope is only part of the frustration.  You need to spend time practicing double under if you are ever going to master them.
CrossFit Hackney Levels Spreadsheet CrossFit Hackney Juggernaut Spreadsheet