Crossfit Weapons May 2016

Posted 2nd May 2016 by Josh Schouten

So guys I’m writing programming and now I’m also aloud to hit you with some chat on the blog. So here goes, next phase of Weapons, we’re looking at improving that overhead squat position, getting those pull ups stronger and keeping the momentum moving on the aerobic capacity that we’ve already started. This will help us move forward to, better snatches, more unbroken pull ups and just turning that bar over in Wods like its not even real. Meaning winning.

Weapons will also be moving it’s place again. Keeping on our awesome Monday’s but moving a Friday night to a Sunday morning for some big post workout brunch! (Bloody Mary’s are on me). So meaning Weapons on back to back days, this will scare you a little but due to the awesome programme design from us here at Crossfit Hackney, you know you can hit those days and be epic!

In line with these improvements to scheduling and how we’ll be by the end of May, we will be sticking a Hustle in mid June, if you would all be happy to have a mid Summer Throwdown. June 17th is where we are looking to place this.

See you all in Class.

May 2016 Weapons PDF

Gymnastics Phase 2: BAS

Posted by Josh Schouten

IMG_1358Perfect technique is the name of the game as shitty repetitions equal shitty results, so lets avoid this as much as possible.  In our last gymnastics phase we spent 5 weeks focusing on building Bent Arm Strength (BAS).  In this new gymnastics phase our goal is to continue developing BAS by increasing the complexity of the movements.

We are all individual with our own level of strength and ability, some of us are stronger at pushing movements, and others are stronger in the pulling movements.  Just like the last phase there are a number of different pushing and pulling exercises to choose from  Your selection should be based on your strength and ability, so choose wisely and remember the hair and the tortoise principle especially with body weight training.


CFH training plan 2/5/16 -8/5/16 week 1

Posted 1st May 2016 by Geoff Stewart


skinny man


Welcome to a new look training plan. This new Phase is going to be split into 4 section Eccentric, Paused, one and quarter and Max out phase . The first block is going to be looking at building some base strength and tone with some simple compound exercise prescription and focus on TUT (time under tension)

There will be a good spread of spicy WODS and accessory work to keep you up to speed enjoy people and tell your friends.

Click on link to get a detailed over view of weeks training.