Barbell Club – Phase 6 – 6/6/2016

Posted by Jenna Fisher

Millhouse calves

The last phase saw some great work from everyone on single leg exercises and getting the bis and tris stacked. This phase will focus on shoulders and back for upper body and will return to the main lifts for lower body with single leg work moving to accessory. (So you boys don’t get too twitchy rest assured that chest will return with a vengeance in the next phase).

This phase is increasing the intensity with drop sets. For lower body we are changing the stance/grip for the drops so that these multi-faceted muscles are targeted from different angles. For upper body we are using pre-exhaust superset drops. This is an intense technique so should be used sparingly to prevent over-training. (Point being, don’t try to start using this on all your exercises and all your sets in open gym).