Weapons August 2016

Josh Schouten
Weapons August 2016 PDF Well it's little later in the month than usual but the training is just as painful as it is every month for the Weapons guys. We see lots of Olly lifting through this phase, to aim for new 1RM's at the end of the month. We will be tackling our times from last months .com wods... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 1/8/16 – 7/08/16 WEEK 13

Geoff Stewart
Starting this week with a few words of wisdom posted up by  barbell shrug via  our Jenna. "'You can go from couch potato to ripped up in 6-weeks'. None of that shit is true. It's really just what people want to hear. Good marketing, sure. People don't want to hear the truth.The truth is you're going to work your ass... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 27/07/2016

Jenna Fisher | 26-07-2016
Jenna standing in for Geoff again. Just tested this. You can give yourself a fairly miserable time with it :) 3 rounds 60 secs clean and jerk (0.85x bodyweight) 60 secs front rack hold (as above) - can drop to top of deadlift hold after 30 secs 60 secs row 60 secs rest 4 mins rest 3 rounds 60 secs... [Read more]

BEAUTY REDEFINED. Challenging our perceptions of body image.

mtadmin | 25-07-2016
The saying that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ suggests subjectivity, yet there is a constant strive for ‘perfection’ when it comes to our bodies.  Society has always portrayed an ideal aesthetic among females and today more than ever we are drenched by this image through magazines, advertisements, TV, billboards, fashion shows etc.  What it is to be... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 25/7/16 – 31/07/16 WEEK 12

Josh Schouten | 24-07-2016
The mindset you choose is direction in which you grow and develop. Training is one thing but the mindset we have around this is another. This weeks goal is to sit back and think about what you're going to achieve this week. Everyone's goal is different and that is ok, pay attention to what it is you strive for and... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 20/07/2016

Jenna Fisher | 19-07-2016
Jenna standing in for Geoff this week, so there will be some decent tunes 4 rounds (16 mins) 30 secs row 30 secs deadlift @ 1.25 bw 60 secs KBS 2 mins rest   4 rounds (16 mins) 30 secs row 30 secs power clean @.85 bw 60 secs KB snatch 2 mins rest   6 rounds (12 mins) 60... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 18/7/16 – 24/07/16 WEEK 12

Geoff Stewart | 17-07-2016
We are heading into the final week of our 1 1/4 reps and those reps are looking great people keep the faith and keep strong people. The team at Momentum have had a lot of experience and without dough the most important component of a good training program is consistency. keep coming keep doing. CF_Hackney_Strength_Phase_2016

Gymnastics Phase 4: Ring & P-Bar Routines

Josh Schouten | 14-07-2016
For the last 4 month the “gymnasts" at Momentum have steadily increase their bent arm strength in both pushing and pulling movements.  Countless sets and reps have seen many of you make gradual progressions with your gymnastics strength training (GST). This new phase is going to put this GST to use as we start to introduce small gymnastics ring and parallel bar... [Read more]