Gymnastics Phase 5: Pike Mobility, Shoulder Stands & Levers

Josh Schouten | 31-08-2016
Progress is not made in giant leaps when it comes to mastering you body weights.  If you've not had a chance to listen to coach Sommers (US Gymnastic coach and founder of GymnasticsBodies ) talk to Tim Ferris I highly recommend it (Part 1 The Secret of Gymnastic Strength, Part 2 The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training, Part Two — Home... [Read more]

Thursday Night Rowing Class

Josh Schouten
Due to popular demand Momentum Training will be adding a specific rowing class to the weekly schedule in September. On Thursday 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th the 7:30pm the CrossFit class will become a rowing class. (more…)

Small Group Body Composition P.T Phase (PM Sessions)

Josh Schouten | 28-08-2016
A new phase of the PM Body Composition P.T session with StreTch is about to start. This phase will focus on Escalating Velocity Body Composition Training and the joys of lactic acid production <insert evil laughter>... Research conducted by Romanian exercise scientist Hala Rambie found that the lactic acid training was far superior for fat loss than aerobic training. Yes, you read... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 29/08/16 – 4/09/16 WEEK 2

Geoff Stewart | 27-08-2016
So how did you find the first week of our Adaptation phase, can you feel those foundations being reinforced? This week we are going to continue the theme with our basic lifts up first followed by some more gassy items. In our world there are always squats and then more squats, there are more squat variations than there are days... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 24/8/16

Geoff Stewart | 23-08-2016
              Warm up –like you mean it.   Working in a YGIG format with a partner Bear Complex: Power clean Front squat Push jerk Back squat Rack jerk   Round 1 – 6mins 3reps each movement with a lightish weight Rounds 2 – 6mins 2 reps each movement with a mediumish weight Round 3... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 22/08/16 – 28/08/16 WEEK 1

Geoff Stewart | 21-08-2016
Welcome to a new program at Momentum Training. Over the years we have presented many different styles of training and we are super proud of the work you have put in and goals you have achieved over the years. These cannot just be measured in terms of amount of weight lifted, your 1rm, how many pull ups you can do,... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 17/8/16

Geoff Stewart | 16-08-2016
                Warm up for main workout   With a BB and a partner 8 mins YGIG Muscle cleans x5 Clean high pull x5 Power clean x5 Front squats x5 Back squat x5   Simple and steady 50 Power cleans 40 Back squats 30 Power cleans 20 Front squats 10 Power cleans The RX... [Read more]

CFH TRAINING PLAN 15/08/16 – 21/08/16 WEEK 16

Geoff Stewart | 14-08-2016
Welcome to the final week of this training plan phase - we are looking for some big lifts this week. Hopefully you have all tracked your progress and are going to put up some big numbers and ring the bell with some new PB lifts.  These numbers will give you a good idea of the sort of weights you should... [Read more]