Crossfit training plan 19/9/2016-25/9/2016

Posted 18th September 2016 by Geoff Stewart


We are moving into week 1 of our intensification phase of training. Our training days are shifting around. We are looking to start pushing a bit more weight through this period which means we will be lowering the rep ranges and playing around with the overall volume of the sessions (this doesn’t mean you’ll be sitting around checking out your nails). As with the adaption phase you should have been tracking your numbers and %s and seeing some positive gains in your numbers as well as building some thresholds in those engines.

This week we are looking to hit some lower reps and some timed max efforts (ME) on our foundation lifts. You should have been tracking your weights so you can now begin to test and push those higher %s on your lifts. We are looking at introducing some old but gold CF movements into class including the pike press up and the 1legged squat (pistol) – work through your scales folks before you go mad for it. Our Olympic lifting sessions still have a good amount of volume and will test that power endurance. There are some simple complexes where you can increase your weight and test yourselves but always with an eye toward form over weight please, if you feel you’re muscling the bar, drop the weight and get the speed back. There are some juicy breathing days where you’ll need to think about your weight and your overall tempo and timing through the sessions – we are again looking for your consistency throughout. These WODs are varied, we want you working hard but not red lining. Hit it like you mean it guys.



Follow Techniques That Focus on Muscle Growth

A strong muscle is a bigger muscle. This is especially true for a natural lifter. You must be constantly overloading the muscle to get it to adapt and grow. Going into the gym without a plan, only doing metcons and never getting stronger, is a waste of your hard work. If you are using performance-enhancing drugs, you might be able to get away with it. If you are a natural lifter, you must use training techniques scientifically proven to get you stronger and build muscle at the same time.


Add a day for dynamic effort training at least once a week.

These movements must be prioritized to the beginning of the training session. To reap the full benefits of this type of training you must be fresh and able to give 100% effort every rep.



Crossfit Training program 12/9/16-18/9/16

Posted 11th September 2016 by Geoff Stewart


So! Into Week 4 of our adaption phase we go and we are going to turn it up a little. You folk should have been tracking your numbers and now is the week to ask yourself a few questions. Muhammad Ali was asked how many sit ups he does a day: his answer was that he didn’t know because he didn’t start counting until it started to hurt. In our world of exercise this is called the “overload principle” which says to create an adaption you need to place more stress on the body than its used too or seek out that burn – don’t fear it.

This week we are looking to hit some higher reps and max efforts (ME) on our foundation lifts, be brave with these weights, you have worked up to them in previous weeks so let’s test them out. Our Olympic lifting sessions have a lot of work in them, keep the weight manageable and your form solid throughout the whole session. With the breathing days and WODs think about your plan – we want you working hard but not red-lining. See how far you can go, use the last 3 weeks’ training to guide you to those extra reps and levels of GPP.


Stop “Over-Scaling” Your Workouts

Often we see people getting comfortable in the gym and not pushing their training outside their comfort zone. They wonder why they exercise for an hour a day and still can’t get a strict pull-up. You must do the hardest version of every exercise and constantly be pushing yourself to get results. If you’re doing press-ups off a box, wall balls to the arch wall etc and it’s manageable then it’s time to scale up. We aren’t saying to do anything unsafe or beyond your abilities. We are simply saying, if you think you can push it to the next level, DO IT!

If you haven’t nailed strict pull-ups, give a progression a shot (e.g. jumping and controlling the eccentric movement). Even if you have, progress it anyway and stick a weight belt on.


Heavy Metcon 7/9/2016

Posted 6th September 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Heavy Breathless “CINDY”

Warm up for the work out.


DB press

Back squats

Build up to your working weights..


Working in 3 in a follow the leader format (start after squats) for 30mins or 10 rounds each

Deadlifts x3 @ 150bw+

DB incline press x6 @ 33%bw+ each arm

BB back squats x9 @BW+

Row 200mtrs @ 80%

alternate with

Bike 1Km @ 80%



Farmers walks

Barbell Club Phase 9 – The Godfather

Posted 4th September 2016 by Jenna Fisher

Joe Weider and Arnie 1

Barbell Club Phase 9 – The Godfather

After the success of Arnold’s Blueprint we will be using Joe Weider’s muscle confusion technique for the next phase.

The number of sets and reps will change each week so that your body does not know what is coming next. The variation of the lift might also change, as might the equipment (i.e. front squat one week and back squat the next or barbell one week and dumbbells the next).

Having spoken to you individually about your goals I have created three versions of this programme. Only follow the programme appropriate to your goal – S (strength), H (hypertrophy – size and shape), or C (composition – fat burning).


CFH TRAINING PLAN 5/09/16 – 11/09/16 WEEK 3

Posted by Geoff Stewart

weight plates

 We are heading into week 3 of our adaption phase of training. Hopefully you have spent and are spending some time at the bottom of the squat position and things are loosening up and you can spend more time down there without feeling like you’ve been run over by a rhino or Anthony. Within our training plan we repeat our major lifts week in week out, yes we do change reps, sets, tempo and rest periods but like a lot of training, it’s about consistency. Consistency, and in many case simplicity, in all things training, eating, sleeping and playing (yes that does include drinking – there has been some interesting research done on the effects of alcohol on fat burning and performance). Stay the course.

The aim for this week is that magic word consistency – each movement should be smooth and strong with a challenging weight. Similar to last week, we aren’t looking to fail any reps, but to be solid and powerful. There are a number of workouts where we are asking you to go UB (unbroken). Your coach will give you some suggestions and ideas, listen and have a go and see how it feels. Our B and C exercises should be challenging and get you breathing hard. Our breathing days should also be hard. Look at your pacing. If rowing or biking check your numbers: how consistent are you from start to finish? Can you hold a conversation as soon as you have finished? If you can you ain’t working hard enough. On a perceived effort scale you need to be around 7-8….. that isn’t easy.


Train With Multi-Joint Movements

There is a reason that the biggest guys and leanest girls in the gym hang out in the squat rack.

Exercises that train more than one muscle are the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to getting results. There is also excellent research showing the body’s physiological response of increased testosterone and human growth hormone response to multi-joint, compound movements. The reason we put this in the programme is to remind you to prioritize these movements, follow a progression and always make sure these make up the bulk of your training.


Start adding in additional squats, deadlifts, overhead presses and chin-ups to build more muscle mass.