Heavy Metcon 19/10/2016

Posted 18th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Heavy and fast

Working in teams  odd and even minutes EMOM for 6 mins per stations

On your Odd minutes you will be working a heavy BB exercise then on the even minute you will do a higher rep more explosive exercise, 6min per station.

Warm up – for workout.

Power cleans 5

Air squats 30


Deadlifts 5

Alt leg step jumps


OH push press x5

KB swings 30 (heavy)


Pull ups 5

Ball slams 30


Bench press 5

Double rope slams 30


Back squats 5

Alt leg step jumps 30


Crossfit Training Plan 17/10/2016

Posted 16th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 1 of 2 of our GPP realization phase. This week we going to be testing your 3-5 rep max looking for your to move a good amount of Kilo’s on your timed pieces as well as usual working hard digging into those pain caves and having fun. You will get 2 runs at your lifts and a few workouts will come rounds again.


You have been working and developing that GPP (general physical preparedness) although there has not been a direct focus on any thing specific you will be surprised at how much carry over you will get from one activity, movement, energy system and fundamental lift to another, look for gains across a broad spectrum the game of fitness has many attributes.


This week’s focus. 

If you have been tracking your weights and number now is the time to review and set new ones -Squats ,pull ups, deadlifts and OH pressing

On our 2 min timed pieces workout the load Reps x weight = load if you plan it well you’ll be surprise what you have in the tank.

Olly lifting: we are looking for some good 3rpm max lifts (there shouldn’t be any failed reps) and the into a 4min piece to test that form with weight. Folks this should be a “heavy” weight you’ll need to reset each rep.

Breathing days: There is an old favorite in there that we have seen to keep you on your toes you’ll know what coming so get it done you know you can.

WODs: have fun and work hard


We might not tell our members this often enough but you guys are in the top percentile of human beings you are fit and strong – you will be harder to kill if the time ever comes.


Let’s work.



Plan for Success

“He who fails to plan is planning to fail.”

This is especially true when talking about achieving your fitness goals. Whether your aiming to lose 10kg, do 5 pull ups do a sub 4min Fran , you need a plan to succeed. The advice and saying, “eating five meals a day speeds up your metabolism,” has never been proven. The reason people succeed when they eat five meals a day is because they are making a plan and making healthy food choices. By planning your meals and structuring your workouts you’re more likely to do it. If its all on the fly who know what might happen.


– Plan your meals for the middle of the day. Have you got it with you? Where are you going to buy it? Why don’t you buy it on your way to your desk? Most people have time to make breakfast and dinner.

– Only buy and keep healthy groceries in your house. If you aren’t

around bad food, the chances are you aint going to eat it.


Heavy Metcon 12/10/2016

Posted 11th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart



Alex-Solis-fat-Sper-Heros-Pop-5-600x595Odds and evens


Working with a partner in an 8 min EMOM.

We would like you and you will need to go heavy and fast to get through these each 8min EMOM. We would like everyone to start with the BB movement please.


Power clean x5 @ BW

Bike 15/20kcals

Rest 5 mins

Squats x5 @ BW++

Rowing 12/15kcals

rest 5 mins

Bench press x5 @ 90% BW

Bike 15/20kcals

rest 5mins

Deadlifts x5 @ 1.5xBW

Rowing 12/15kcals

Barbell Club Phase 10 – Dream Big

Posted 10th October 2016 by Jenna Fisher

Dream Big

After a break from the norm with the muscle confusion technique we are going to return to a programme with which you can track your progress each week.

This phase is based on a workout Andre Benoit put me through when I was lucky enough to be coached by him at his Hypertrophy Academy. Andre is a former winter Olympics athlete and has spent the last 28 years coaching professional and Olympic athletes and directing the Canadian Center for Strength and Conditioning. This man rocks.


Crossfit training plan 10/10/2016-16/10/2016

Posted 9th October 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 4 of our GPP intensification phase. This week we are looking to step it up again just a touch before we move into two testing or realization weeks of training as the culmination of the last 8 week (4 weeks of adaption followed by 4 weeks of intensification).


Please remember guys, over the last 7 weeks we have been working on your GPP (general physical preparedness) so this doesn’t mean you’ll be smashing your 1rpm (although some of you have and this just proves what can be achieved) but we have been building all round capacity through various physical domains and energy systems. There has been a lot of weight lifted and a lot of volume in various forms of repetition and variation of exercise put under those belts. This will stand you in good stead for the following weeks’ work and help you move into the following phase.


This week’s focus.

 Put a few more kg on the functional rep ranges – and remember those numbers.

On our timed pieces try to hang on for an extra rep, what’s your total volume moved?

Olly lifting: speed and solidarity – form is king.

Breathing days: look to push those rate of perceived exertions (RPE) scales, move faster start positive.

WODs: have fun and work hard


So you have your focus, you have the program, you have a hot enthusiastic intelligent coaches to push you, you have some great strong class mates who will be there with you and go the extra rep. So that’s one hour of your day done and accounted for – what about the other 23?


There are many factors that add up to a great training plan and phases and the program design and its execution are but one of them. Although a very important component, some people suggest it is only 50-60% of the whole depending on what your goal is. The other key factors are nutrition (what you put into your body), sleep (quality of and how much), lifestyle (preist or rock n roll). So remember to take a consistent, balanced approach to lifestyle across the board.

Let’s work


Eat With Structured Macros

Macronutrients are protein, carbohydrates and fat. Every gram of each macronutrient contains calories. Protein and carbohydrates contain 4 calories per gram, and fat contains 9 calories per gram.

We are not fans of weighting out your food but doing it a few times does give you an idea of portion size and what macros youll be getting so have a go but don’t be ruled by the scales.

Everyone will have slightly different macro goals depending on there goals and the physical make up. Find someone qualified to guide you through the process if you are new to macro counting.