Crossfit Training program 5th-11th December 2016

Posted 4th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Where are we this week?

Here we go, this is our final week of this training cycle and we are going to do a bit of testing this week. When I say testing we ain’t going to have you doing a multiple choice on training theory but we are going to be asking you to dig into your pain cave, find a happy place and lift some bigger tin. On our bigger days you’ll need to help out your fellow members with some good old motivation to get through.

How far have we come in this phase?

Over the last five weeks you folks have put in a lot of hard work. We started this phase lifting some slightly lighter weight but for a greater number of reps, there has been a lot of volume in your session and in many cases not too much rest. Our aim was to get you to push yourselves a little harder, put your bodies under some new stress or force some adaptions, build more strength and put some extra capacity into your engines – but all the time with a huge focus on repetition of certain exercises and movements to help develop and grind that form. As we moved through the weeks the numbers came down and you moved a greater amount of weight, you worked harder in some WODs and earned yourselves some more rest. As we move into our testing/realization week this should stand you in good stead. You’ll know the movements and you should have some ideas of what you are capable of to push it that extra few reps or that extra few kgs.

So what is going on when you’re digging in?

What is that crazy burn going on is it good for you ? Are you going to break? Can you carry on going? And how can you learn to handle it? As with most things, there are people who have a better genetic disposition to handle it, people who train more in the anaerobic zone and therefore are better conditioned to handle it better. Sometimes to get better we also need to change our thinking processes and belief systems. Lactic acid isn’t a bad thing (see this article for more info), there has even been some research done into the use of baking power and Settlers (yes Settlers) to help ease the burn. I have had a go myself and to be honest I like the idea but didn’t get any results apart from a steady flow of wind. Embrace the burn.

This week’s focus.

Warm up and Mobility: Even more important this week to get yourselves sharper earlier. On our bigger days we have programmed in some warm up pieces to get you into the groove and the correct frame of mind.

Cleans days: So we are looking to hit a great 3rm clean or power clean this week. You have been working up to this. Build a good amount time under the bar, increase the weight slowly but steadlly, warm up well, be sensible with your warm up weights, ask your coach for some tips and be brave. On our other clean day GRACE is the name of the girl, 30 clean and press for time, again we have been building up the quality repetitions, bar cycling speed and volume so you are ready for this one.

Strength: On our strength days, although not the primary focus of this phase, you should be looking for some good numbers. We are down to 3rm lifts which are great indicators of how your strength has come on and where you can go with it in later phases.

Breathing workouts: So our breathing test is the 4min O’neal test its a bit of a classic and can really make any athlete at any level ask themselves a few questions. Set yourselves up well, a good steady start, think about a good split which you can maintain without red lining. As you move through check in with yourself, how are you doing? If you’re feeling good begin to put some pressure on and build up your workload, in the last minutes push on through and build to that red line don’t be tempted to chop your last few strokes, row THROUGH the 4 min mark don’t stop on it.

WODs: There is, as always, a selection of WODs to keep you on your toes.

Accessory work: I’m going to say something completely new about this this week. oh no, hang on, I’m not. This isn’t going anywhere folk do it.


CF_Hackney block 1 clean n press