12 Days of Momentum Christmas

Posted 11th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart


The final 12 days of Momentum Christmas is finally with us. We have a treat in store for all you kind and merry folk, no we ain’t going to ban Josh and his xmas jokes from the gym, but we should. We have a little programming Christmas cracker for you coming up. We have gone out and asked your coaches to design the 12 sessions of Momentum Christmas. Each coach has designed a specific workout which they feel you guys might (I use the word might with tongue in cheek) enjoy. We have asked the coaches to design for specific training days so you can all maintain a good balanced program, but asked for a bit of fun, a twist and their own unique personal touch. You’ll find in the notes on one of the days the classic CF phrase “Pick a pace and shit this for the whole 8 minutes.” Can you guess which coach designed which day? If anyone can guess who designed all the workouts we’ll have a dig around the mighty Momentum box for a special Christmas treat.

As with all our training folk let’s get the basics correct in everything we do:

Warm up well for the workout.

Make sure you understand all the movements.

Form always comes before weight please.

Scale the workouts to suit your level and goals – ask your coach for scales.

Have fun, enjoy yourself and work hard for that Christmas pudding.

Monday 12th

Squats ‘n’ pull

Warm up x3

Wall squats 5

Goblet squats 10

Air squats 15

Hanging shrugs 10

Ring rows 10


A. Back Squat: E2MO2M

2x 5/3/1 or 7/5/3 (6 sets)

B. Pull ups /Negatives: wide grip/ normal grip: E2MO2M

4x ME rest as needed

C. BB Bent over Row: E90sec

3×8-10 + DB Row:3 x8-12

Partner WOD: Y.G.I.G

Cash in & out x30 HSPU (split anyhow / Scaled as needed)

Then; 6 rounds each @ Medium weight

Deadlift x3

Power Clean x3

Thruster x3

Complete all reps before your partner goes.

18 min cap


Tuesday 13th

Olympic – Snatch

Warm Up:

Aim is to warm up shoulders and drill quick drop into a squat which ties to talk snatches in A).

Scap press ups

Hanging shrugs



Air squat

OH squat

Snatch balance

Sots press

x10 each


2×8 (10-15mins)

Tall high pull

Tall muscle snatch

High hang power snatch


Snatch balance

High hang snatch

Hang snatch



A. 5mins EMOM

Tall snatch x3 light

Focus is on driving with shoulder without the bend in the knee


B. 12min E2MOM

C/P-High Hang Snatch + Hang Snatch 2+2

F- High Hang Power Snatch +Hang Power Snatch 2+2


C. Every 90sec x6 9mins

Power snatch + snatch balance + OHS

80% of B


D. 8mins WOD

In partners 30:30 work:rest for max reps

Even minute: KB snatch

Odd minute: DUs


Wednesday 14th


 Warm up 3 rounds (10mins)

10x Wall squats

10x Wall ball squeezing squats

10x Band pull apart

10x Ring rows

10x Alt lunges

10x Press up walkouts


TEAM CHIPPER  in 2s- set yourself up and get ready to roll.

Each partner must complete there number of reps before moving on to next exercise you must work in a YGIG format and no one is allowed to do more reps then there partner on any exercise.

110 Wall Balls 9/7kg

100x Cals on the Rower or Bike

90x Push ups

80x DUs /160 singles

70x Sit ups

60x Box Jumps step down

50x Burpees

40x Pull ups / Ring rows

30x Thrusters 45/30kg

20x TTB / K2E / V Sits

10x 200mtr runs really style


Thursday 15th



Friday 16th

Deadlift ‘n’ push

Warm up = 10 DLs and 10 bench with empty bar.

8 DLs and 8 bench light. .

6 DLs and 6 bench a little heavier

4 bench and 4 DLs nearly at working weight.


A1. Deadlift / 3×15 / 2011 :60

A2. Bench / 3×15 / 3010 :60


B1. Chin ups / 3×6 / 3111 :30

B2. Reverse bicep curl EZ or BB / 3×12 / 3010 :30

B3. Incline or standing DB hammer curl / 3×25 / 2010 :90


Teams of 3.

3 rounds each. Partner 2 starts when partner 1 gets on the rower etc

C1. 50m farmer’s walk

C2. 50 double unders (or 30 if can’t do unbroken)

C3. 500m row (or 300m for smaller people)


Saturday 17th

Olympic – Clean

Warm up for workout.

20 min EMOM @70% Power Clean

Min 0-5 (10)

2 x Power Clean

Min 5-10 (20)

2 x Hang Clean

Min 10-15 (30)

2 x Clean

Min 15-20 (35)

3-5 x FS


5 Rounds of:

5 x db / Kb Thrusters (medium / heavy)

5 x Burpee

Repeat on the 5 min for 3 rounds.

* WOD notes. The idea here is we want to challenge our selves here. We have a short work period (hopefully sub 2 min 30) to allow us to rest and then go again. We need to select a weigh t here that allows us to move quickly without slacking and choosing light to make it easy. This is one of those workouts that looks nice on paper. If it feels nice please make a note to self to take a note from Britney spears and “work bitch”


Sunday 18th


Warm up -10mins

Walking lunges

Bear crawls


Spiderman crawls


Teams of 2 YGIG rounds. Split the class into 3 groups all starting in different PARTS

10min AMRAP of:
15 Cal AirFit
15 RKBS – medium

Rest 6min

10min AMRAP of:
10 Deadlifts – medium
250m Row

Rest 6min

PART III 10min AMRAP of:
10 Wall Balls 9/7kg
10 TTB/ K2E/ V sits
10 Burpees


Monday 19th

Squat ‘n’ pull

Warm up is a 1&2

10 min + 10 min teaching


A1: FFE Split Squat 3 x 6-8el @ 3010

A2: Bent Over Reverse Flye 3 x 6-8 @ 3010


15min + 10 min teaching

B1: BB Back Squat 3-4 x 2-4 @ 3010 :90

B2: BB Penally Row 3-4 x 2-4 @ 3010 :90


8 min AMRAP

9 Kb Swing (heavy)

7 BJ Step Down

5 Burpee


Workout Aims* Today we see here some A’s that will be used to warm up the body into the b’s. Our aim here is to be warm ready to go on the squats and pulls. A’s we should work back and forward until complete. B’s there are a lower number of sets although bare in mind these are working sets and NOT warm up sets!


The burner at the end is a time to get a sweat on. Pick a pace and shit this for the whole 8 minutes. We want consistent rounds aim for 1 round a minute. If you’re feeling brave +2 reps on the exercises.


Tuesday 20th

Olympic – Clean

Warm Up

Focus on Front rack being comfortable, make sure everyone holds hook grip, even if they can’t reach position, this will help them over time. Be technical on this warm up, make sure they understand the positions they are supposed to hit, how each starting position feels and hold catch positions if people rush out of them to fast or only knee bend on powers.



Tall Muscle Clean

Hip Power Clean

Hang Power Clean

Strict Press

Push Press

Front Squat

Hip Clean

Hang Clean (10-15mins)


A. 12min E2MOM

C/P-Hip Clean+Hang Clean 2+2

F- Hip Power Clean+Hang Power Clean 2+2

If fitness cannot hit good bar connection, make sure they stick with hip power clean only, drill correct position, rather than chase the next movement badly


(5-8mins) Working Push & Split Jerk before starting EMOM, to teach and allow some to load correctly


B. 12Min E2MOM


C/P-Push Jerk+Split Jerk 2+1

F-Push Press+Push Jerk 2+1


4×8-10, @3010, DB Split Squat, 60sec rest

4×8-10, @2010, Seated DB Neutral Grip Shoulder Press, 60sec rest   (16mins)



Wednesday 21st


Warm Up-

20 Air Squats, 10 Push Ups, 20 Alt Lunges, 10 Ring Rows   x5- (10mins)


A-MAP 5 in partners 3mins work-3mins rest

4 Rounds

Rnd 1&2

15 Wall balls

10 Rowing Cals

5 ABMat Sit Ups


Rnd 3&4

15 Russian Swings

10 Box Jumps

15 Du’s     (21mins)


B- MAP 1

8 Rounds

Rounds 1& 3& 5& 7

Burpees Over the Erg

Rounds 2& 4& 6& 8

Mountain Climbers       (8mins)

C- Midline Stability

Hollow Holds- 4x30sec work 60sec rest     (5mins)

Show all part of a hollow hold as so many try to hold full position but is terribly broken. All participants must get the best out of the position they can hold.


Thursday 22nd



Friday 23rd

Deadlift ‘n’ push

Warm up = 10 RDLs empty bar and 10 shoulder pass throughs with band.

8 RDLs and 8 DB shoulder press light.

6 of each a little heavier.

4 of each close to working weight.


A1. RDLs / 4×8 / 3011: 45

A2. OHP (DBs) / 4×8 / 3010 / :45


B1. Dips / 3×6 / 3111 :30

B2. Lateral delt raises (DBs) / 3×12 / 3011 :30

B3. Press ups / 3×25 / 1010 :90


Teams of 4

3 rounds. 60 secs per station

C1. Bike

C2. Sled push

C3. Ring rows


C5. Rest


Results of the Momentum membership survey 2016 – part 1

Posted 7th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart

A huge thank you to everyone who filled out this year’s members’ survey. We really appreciate your feedback and although we are constantly talking to you throughout the year and hope we are broadly in touch with what you’re thinking, it’s really useful to get some more in depth feedback on some specific points. We have read all your responses and taken your feedback on board. Happy to say that in the main you gave us tons of positive feedback, for which, thank you. Below is a summary of the good, the bad and the ugly feedback we received and how we plan to deal with it. We’ll post another response next week dealing with some more detailed specific questions and points you raised. Even if we don’t address your comments directly, please know that we have taken them on board – feel free to approach us to chat further if you would like to talk about anything specific at any time.

What do we need to work on?

Four main themes, set out below, emerged from the less positive feedback. Few of these comments came as a surprise, partly as we asked specific questions about some of them, but it was very useful to see your detailed thoughts – thank you. Here is what we are going to do about it.

1. Cleanliness/tidiness/facilities/equipment

We are making improvements to the changing rooms (specifically repainting, re-plumbing, tiling and putting new heaters in). We have increased the number of days our cleaner vists every week as well as instigating a more rigorous daily cleaning and tidying rota with staff. We are hiring a scrubber/sucker (Google it…actually don’t) to deep clean the floor and if it works well then we will buy one and look at integrating it into WODs (JOKE). I’d like a ride on one like this (and with this background music) but think that might be overkill.

We are asking coaches to ensure they remind members to put equipment back tidily in its place in each class and we will put a reminder about this in the next newsletter along with some other gym etiquette that some of you raised around fair use of equipment. We recognize that this is an area where we need to get better – please help us stay on top of this by doing your bit to keep the gym tidy.

2. Programming

People were very positive about Barbell club and Gymnastics programming. Feedback on CrossFit programming however was mixed and has been a small but hot potato for a few in this survey. Programming for groups is a combination of science, experience and magic and doesn’t always work for everyone, all of the time, although our aim, of course, is to try and meet as many needs as possible.

Over the last two quarters we have moved to a simpler “plain english” programme delivery – partly in response to previous feedback on its complexity. Although a simpler delivery, this doesn’t mean there isn’t rigour or thought behind it but rather that it is just distilled down into a simpler format with less accompanying explanation (further reading is included in links for those of you who wish to read more). Members have given some specific constructive criticisms on the new format which we’ve taken on board and will be making some adjustments accordingly although we are going to aim to keep a level of simplicity and link to further sources rather than including full text as accompanying blog posts. In addition, we will be adjusting the CrossFit class levels to a two-track system (broadly, one for more and one for less experienced members). This will replace, and simplify, the current levels system. In blog posts, goals and testing will be better highlighted so you know what you’re training for and towards. Weapons will be changing to the Blue Bear program (yes it’s called the Blue Bear) and will provide a greater support for athletes who are competing.

3. Class sizes and personal attention from coaches

I would love to tell you that we are going to make classes smaller but realistically, class sizes are unlikely to change in the foreseeable future. We are, however, looking at the programming (as above) to try and streamline how we group members in CrossFit classes. We are also looking at putting two coaches back into most classes where we can. We are running a staff training session on giving feedback to members and will be encouraging coaches to try and spread their attention across all members at all levels in each class. Help us keep class sizes within the limits by always booking in – as with Open Gym, if you have not booked a slot, you will be turned away if the session is full.

4. Atmosphere

In general we have a cracking atmos. We are very proud. Cuddles, chest bumps and high fives all round. HOWEVER feedback tells us that, very sadly, there are a few issues here. Firstly, in relation to coaches, it seems that we’re not all perfect all of the time – who knew? (Thank you in particular to the person who wrote “Geoff contributes nothing” – here you go, I’m contributing this amusing blog post. I’ll have you know that I also contribute an unsurpassed selection of power ballads.) But seriously, thank you to those of you who gave us constructive feedback to help us help you. We really have taken it on board and are having a chat with ourselves to make sure that we are doing our best to be friendly, inclusive, supportive and respectful and never patronizing, rude, egotistical or unengaged (you will, of course, be aware that there are some health and safety requirements in classes – and indeed loud music – which may mean that at times, coaches may need to throw the usual decorum to the wind and bawl at you across the gym).

Secondly, it seems that there may be a few members who aren’t always playing nice in terms of being welcoming, friendly and as good naturedly humble as you’d hope to expect from the crowd of jolly good eggs that you all are. This appears to be more of an issue amongst some longer standing members. There were several comments about the Weapons class in particular not being welcoming. Of course we want to try and accommodate as many different people at different levels as possible, and in general that is something that we like to think we do well. We recognize that athletes at different levels have different needs but we still want them all to enjoy the gym together. We love the diversity and we love having a laugh, and at the risk of sounding gushing and evangelical, we really want to share this with all our members and particularly our newest members who may not know as many people. I guess an element of ego is inevitable in a gym but you all know that what you can squat or how long you’ve been training bears no relation to how entitled you are to the equipment, the space, the coaches’ attention or a superior attitude. One survey respondent referred to themselves as a “senior” member of the gym. Honestly, there is no such hierarchy at Momentum.

Just don’t be a dick. It’s not that hard. Anyway let’s move on to the nice stuff.


What are we doing well? (too many comments to include them all, but here are a handful):

On the coaches

  • Coaches are amazing. Jenna is so committed and everyone loves her. Keep her happy! The boys are also ace and I like the push they give me.
  • Really like everyone and there is a great vibe in the gym
  • The coaching team has always been available and helpful in training. They never seem annoyed or inconvenienced when i approach them with training questions. Beyond that, they approach us with tips and cues in a friendly and respectful manner that i really appreciate.
  • Everyone I’ve worked with is amazing.
  • Jenna is BAE.
  • A great coaching team, always answering my questions and giving me ways to improve
  • Special shout-out to Kat for having crystal clear orders of when to start / stop.

On the programming and classes

  • I find the programming excellent in the current phases particularly the strength phases and have noticed a real improvement in strength since plateauing in previous months. I am enjoying the mix of training that is coming from the current programming from all aspects. Longer gassier wods in the weekends are always a winner 🙂
  • Heavy Met Con is an awesome class. Have really enjoyed barbell recently – the programming has been excellent.
  • Recent programming has been much tougher and feels more rewarding
  • Gymnastics class is particularly well programmed for progression. Great job.
  • Jenna’s barbell has been a game changer 
  • I am definitely seeing some changes which is very encouraging and have not seen this before as everyday there is a different class and coach who have their own programmes which really mixes up the week and therefore never gets boring as you never know what to expect.
  • Crossfit programming has been much improved now it is more challenging. I am feeling stronger and fitter… Barbell Club is good lately also – I feel this has improved my strength also
  • Everyone I talk to loves the mix of Olympic lifting days and breathing days… There is heaps of variety for all levels and there is always something to work up to… I have definitely noticed improvements in my strength and muscle mass in recent months.
  • Crossfit programming is great at the moment. I feel much stronger and fitter
  • Love love love heavy metcon still!!! 
  • Range of classes is good

On other stuff

  • it’s a great gym experience – I’ve never stuck with a gym this long. I really come for the coaches and the intensity of the workouts. I feel really strong and fit, fitter than every before.The atmosphere in general is great.
  • You guys rock!!
  • Classes are really good, always different and the staff is very nice and welcoming. Overall I think is a great gym.
  • The place is awesome. The people are awesome. Even the staff are awesome. 
  • The range of classes is good, the website is good, Mindbody is excellent and easy to use, the atmosphere is top notch.
  • Atmosphere is awesome, so are the coaches and all the regulars.
  • I have been a member of many gyms corporate and private but this is the first gym where I really feel part of a community who really do care – everyone is approachable if you are prepared to make the effort 
  • Have noticed things are normally quickly repaired…thank you
  • Best box in London!
  • Great work, I am really happy I joined momentum
  • Always a pleasure coming to train here guys
  • The atmosphere bit should have a separate column with a value of SIX!
  • Love your work. Have recommended to several mates.
  • I love the gym, 5/5
  • Crossfit Hackney is by far the best box in London… what has always drawn me to Hackney is the truly expert knowledge, experience and intelligence…
  • It’s the best gym I’ve ever been to. Thanks for putting up with my shit too. 
  • Along with the amazing level of coaching, the atmosphere and members (8am-ers especially!) make it a great place to be. Well done and thank you!


Heavy Metcon 7/12/2016

Posted 6th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Warm up like you know you should


Extension to the warm up because we all you didn’t warm up like you should.

working with a partner YGIG format

10 deadlifts

10 ground to over head

x10 rounds each

start light increase weight slowly but DON’T go heavy.


Workout A

working with a partner E2MO2M x5 round each

3x Deadlifts (heavy / 85%+ 1rpm)

10Kcal AFAP on bike


Workout B

working with a partner E2MO2M x 5 rounds each

3x Ground to overhead (heavy / 85%+ 1rpm)

10Kcal AFAP on Rower

The Momentum 12 days of Christmas workouts

Posted 5th December 2016 by Geoff Stewart


 After the final week of this phase (5th-11th December)  Christmas is almost so close you can smell the turkey. We have a little programming treat for you coming up. We have gone out and asked your coaches to design the 12 sessions of Momentum Christmas. Each coach has designed a specific workout which they feel you guys might (I use the word might with tongue in cheek) enjoy. We have asked the coaches to design for specific training days so you can all maintain a good balanced program, but asked for a bit of fun, a twist and their own unique personal touch. Can you guess which coach designed which day? If anyone can guess who designed all the workouts we’ll have a dig around the mighty Momentum box for a special Christmas treat.

Barbell Club Phase 12 – The Return of GBC

Posted 4th December 2016 by Jenna Fisher

luke and yoda

After November’s lower rep heavier phase you should have developed some extra strength for December’s return to volume.

This month the reps are higher and the rest lower. It is important that you stick to this format to get the desired results… So if you have Christmas gossip to catch up on make sure you do it before class.