Momentum Annual Vacation

Posted 11th April 2017 by Josh Schouten

Are you up for some sun, relaxation and activities all rolled into one?

Momentum’s annual holiday is coming up in September, where the main focus is relaxing while staying active. We focus on the community and creating new friendships or making strong ones stronger.

This year we have pre-booked DSC_0191-420x280 Adventures in the French Pyrenees. We will not be short of activities while we are there. The itinerary is open although below you will find a mock up of the possibilities – it’s all group dependent. If we choose to do more we can, less is also an option!

As we have booked this tentatively we will need to have a minimum of 8 people booked and paid by 1st August 2017. If not you will be fully refunded and the trip will, unfortunately, be cancelled.

If we can get a register of interest to we will be looking to book this in early. (more…)

Beginners Weightlifting Course: May – June 2017

Posted 10th April 2017 by Josh Schouten

peteAre you new to Olympic lifting, or are you still trying to master the skills need to perform the snatch, the clean & jerk? It’s your lucky day! Here’s your chance to gain both the knowledge and the skills, under the watchful eye of Calum McNamara , required to effectively perform the Olympic lifts. Calum is a professional weightlifter who is aiming to qualify for the British Olympic team, is a qualified coach and not a bad bloke.


CF training program, Phase 2, week 3, 10/4/17 – 16/4/17

Posted 7th April 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to week 3 of our second 12 week program of 2017.

This week…

This week your aches and pains should have eased back a little as you have begun to get used to the change of program and the workings of Barbara (so to speak). You need to get your sessions in this week before it’s Easter – that Easter bunny takes no prisoners so get those gains in the bank.



Posted 4th April 2017 by Josh Schouten

backleverstretchBack in my twenties, I took part in marathons and triathlons, thinking, like lots of others I know, that it was good for me. But slowly the injuries came, the adrenal fatigue set in, the digestive issues impacted my health, and I began to question the kind of impact my training was having on my body and my hormones. As a student of life, I began to research more about the human body and I realised that extreme endurance training of this nature was very detrimental to building lean muscle mass and not great for life expectancy and heart health… I moved more into weights training, quickly becoming a bit of a strength nut. This then uncovered further limitation/injuries in my shoulders and hips and I began to realise that I couldn’t keep doing the regular hardcore CrossFit style workouts, which just didn’t suit me. (more…)