Heavy Metcon 31/5/2017

Geoff Stewart | 30-05-2017
Get yourselves ready for workout.   Working in teams 3 people in a follow the leader format 12minutes Bike 15kcals AFAP Plate hug walk until 15kcals has done (25/50kg) 5x Power clean and press @ 90%BW   Working on your own for 6mins up the ladder KB squats and Pull ups   12minutes Rowing 15kcals AFAP KB rack hold until... [Read more]

Summer competitions for Momentum members

Geoff Stewart | 29-05-2017
Roll up roll up! Big event news! We have not one, but two super exciting, friendly competitions for our beautiful members coming up this summer on the 1st and 2nd of July. Everyone is welcome, whether you're a seasoned competitor or this is your first time - it'll be a lot of fun. For those of you who haven't competed... [Read more]

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 6

Jenna Fisher | 28-05-2017
“Without stripping there is no excitement” - Arnold Schwarzenneger. Last year we used Vince Gironda’s 8x8 method. In a separate month we used the drop set method often associated with Schwarzenneger. This year we are going to borrow from both to create a new stimulus. 5x8 with 30 secs rest between sets At the end of the 5th set immediately perform... [Read more]

CF training program, Phase 2, week 10, 29/5/17 – 4/6/17

Geoff Stewart | 26-05-2017
Welcome to week 10 of our second 12 week program of 2017. This week... Week 10 and the weather is getting hot and steamy and so are some of your workouts.  Barbara has got some short and speedy little numbers lined up for you this week. Kisses and thrusters  x (more…)

Heavy Metcon 24/5/207

Geoff Stewart | 23-05-2017
Warm up because it isn’t hot enough already Working in teams of 3 in a follow the leader format - 6 min per station Deadlifts x 3 reps Bike 10 kcal AFAP   KB workout - working on your own – 6 mins 10x walking lunges 10x KB swings 10x walking lunges 10x KB clean n press 10x walking lunges 10x KB... [Read more]

CF training program, Phase 2, week 9, 22/5/17 – 28/5/17

Geoff Stewart | 19-05-2017
Welcome to week 9 of our second 12 week program of 2017. This week... It's all change again over the next few weeks with Barbara. We are switching the days around again so we all get a balance of training days and movements through the whole cycle.  We are into 3-5 reps on our foundation lifting - these are what we call our functional strength reps.... [Read more]

Whole Life Challenge – May 20th 2017 (Part III)

Josh Schouten | 17-05-2017
Results start with being humble - Pesca Now we're thinking about how we can make this work for 56 days and beyond. To help the chances of succeeding there are a few things we can get in order to make sure we are successful. Set goals   - Goals should start with why, how and then what. Work inside to out and fit out... [Read more]

PT at Momentum: everything you need to know

Geoff Stewart
Those pretty pink dumbbells aren’t going to cut it (Poliquin Group)* As well as the fabulous selection of classes at Momentum, we also offer more bespoke training packages at Hackney. To get the maximum benefit from your training efforts, consider combining classes with a PT on or come and chat to us for more info. 1 to 1 PT... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 17/5/2017

Geoff Stewart | 16-05-2017
The heavy 50 Working with a partner in a YGIG format 50x Bench press @ body weight 50x Squats @ body weight 50x deadlifts @ 1.5X body weight 50x Dips @ BW 50x Power cleans @ 80%BW 50x Strict pull ups @ BW If you get to the bottom of the list 50Kcals Rowing and bike.