CF training program, Squats, week 2. 26/6/17 – 2/7/17

Posted 23rd June 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 2 of our 6 week squat phase.

Read more background about the training plan here.

So the weather was hot and the training was even hotter in week 1 and it isn’t going to ease up in week 2. We are switching our squats around this week: you’ll have the pleasure of front squatting twice this week and back squatting once, the rep numbers are coming down so those weights should be moving up (only as far as great form permits). We have again got a good mix of olympic lifting, pushing and pulling exercises, a NEW gymnastics program as well as a smorgasboard of WODs to keep you smiling.

Enjoy, work hard and squat.


CrossFit Gymnastics – Phase 2

Posted 21st June 2017 by Jenna Fisher


First of all huge congratulations to everyone for the last six weeks! You have been so much fun to coach and have achieved so much. Not only have there been first muscle ups (from around ten people I think?!) but triple sets as well. Many other firsts with handstand push ups and chin ups. Not to mention the bulging biceps ready for summer vests.


Heavy Hotcon 21/6/2017

Posted 20th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart



Working in mixed teams of 4 in a circuit format 45/15 work to rest 16mins


Round 1




DB thrusters


Round 2




DB squats


Round 3

KB squats

KB press ups

KB swings

KB rows

Crossfit Hackney Weapons Sunday 18/6/2017

Posted 16th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons

10min Mobility / Warm up


8 min – AMRAP

A1 Bike 45sec @ 50%

A2 Ring rows x10

A3 Skipping 45sec

A4 Banded pull a-parts x20


12min – E2MOM2M – 6sets

B1.Weighted Pull ups 6×3


6min – DB / BB complex warm up – Light

C1. Deadlifts x3

C2. Power clean x3

C3. Front squats x3

C4. Push press x3


12min – E2MO2M – 6 sets – @60-70% Clean

DB / BB complex – Do not fear the dumbbells…

D1. Deadlifts x3

D2. Power clean x3

D3. Front squats x3

D4. Push press x3


Working in teams 2- relay style

1600mtrs run (100mtrs)

180 wall balls (10each) -medium

1200mtrs run (100mtrs)

120 RKBS (10each) -Heavy

900 mtrs run (100mtrs)

60 Burpee pull ups (1 each)

CF training program, Squats, week 1. 19/6/17 – 25/6/17

Posted by Geoff Stewart


Into week 1 of our 6 week squat phase.

Read more about the training plan here.

You’ll need to use a bit of the grey matter when working your way through some of these workouts. We have slightly tweaked the timing to allow people to judge their own rest periods. Remember when we are doing our strength/functional strength set it’s not about how quickly you can get through the work, it’s about time under tension, quality of movement and feeling the exercise. Always move with purpose. Although your primary focus for this block is the squat never forget we are in a GPP program so there is a good balance of Olympic lifting, pushing and pulling, upper and lower body exercises, a selection of engine work and some tasty WODs to keep you ninjas ninjaing.

Good luck, work hard and smile.