CF training program, Squats, week 1. 19/6/17 – 25/6/17

Geoff Stewart | 16-06-2017
Into week 1 of our 6 week squat phase. Read more about the training plan here. You'll need to use a bit of the grey matter when working your way through some of these workouts. We have slightly tweaked the timing to allow people to judge their own rest periods. Remember when we are doing our strength/functional strength set it's... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 14/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 13-06-2017
Warm up because it isn't really hot enough. Working in teams of 4. Option / Rules: either RX or lower the weight to enable you to make min turn around or go heavy and 5,3,1 reps. If you miss a 1 minute time frame you miss the following 2 min. 4min EMOM do: Min 1 Bike 30sec ME Min2. 1 round... [Read more]

Squats. Coming your way soon.

Geoff Stewart | 12-06-2017
So we can all say goodbye to our last training phase Barbara. It's been a long but solid 12 weeks. We are nearly ready to welcome in a new training phase - and to get you excited, here are some ideas of what's on the training plan over the coming months. We are currently planning 4 new training phases coming your way... [Read more]

CF training program, Phase 2, week 12, 12/6/17 – 18/6/17

Geoff Stewart | 09-06-2017
Welcome to the final week of our second 12 week program of 2017. This week... Yes it's finally come around - it's the final week of this phase and we can wave goodbye to Barbara and wish her well. She has been a tough but fair mistress. We have seen some great gains (traps, glutes, biceps, thighs) all around, lots of good... [Read more]

CrossFit Hackney Weapons – 11/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 07-06-2017
CrossFit Weapons is back! It is taking the 1.5 hour spot at midday on our Sunday timetable that was previously our Blue Bear class. Come and give it a go if you're feeling tough but note that is a challenging class and we ask that you are confident with the Olympic lifts before you attend. Though it's not a class... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 7/6/2017

Geoff Stewart | 06-06-2017
Warm up because it isn’t hot enough.   Working with a partner E2MO2M work / rest – 12min per station   A1. 6x lengths Sled pushing A2. ME Power cleans @60% 1rpm   B1. Bike 30Kcals B2. ME DB/KB thrusters @ 40% BW each hand   C1. 12x Burpee box jumps over (hands on box) C2. ME Deadlifts @ 60%... [Read more]

CF training program, Phase 2, week 11, 5/6/17 – 11/6/17

Geoff Stewart | 02-06-2017
Welcome to week 11 of our second 12 week program of 2017. This week... Week 11.  Barbara seems to be working out well for a number of you and there has been some impressive PB action going down in the last few weeks. We are looking for you to build on your numbers this week and hit some WODs with gusto. Cuddles and cleans  x... [Read more]