Heavy Metcon 14/6/2017

Posted 13th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Warm up because it isn’t really hot enough.

Working in teams of 4.

Option / Rules: either RX or lower the weight to enable you to make min turn around or go heavy and 5,3,1 reps. If you miss a 1 minute time frame you miss the following 2 min.

4min EMOM do:

Min 1 Bike 30sec ME

Min2. 1 round DT

12x deadlifts @ 75 / 50

7x hang power cleans

6x push press

Min 3. Row 30sec ME

Min 4. 1 round DT

rest 2min

8min EMOM do:

Min 1 Bike 30sec ME

Min2. 1 round DT

12x deadlifts

9x hang power cleans

7x push press

Min 3. Row 30sec ME

Min 4. 1 round DT


rest 2min

12min EMOM do:

Min 1 Bike 30sec ME

Min2. 1 round DT

12x deadlifts

9x hang power cleans

7x push press

Min 3. Row 30sec ME

Min 4. 1 round DT



Biceps and triceps

BB curls x50

DB tricep ext x50




Squats. Coming your way soon.

Posted 12th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart


So we can all say goodbye to our last training phase Barbara. It’s been a long but solid 12 weeks. We are nearly ready to welcome in a new training phase – and to get you excited, here are some ideas of what’s on the training plan over the coming months.

We are currently planning 4 new training phases coming your way later this year: squat, monostructural, Olympic lifting and engine. Each will be between 6 and 8 weeks in length and each will have its primary focus as above, but as with all things CrossFit, will also look to build your GPP with “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.” To keep you and your bodies guessing, each block will also have a few twists and turns for good measure.

First up, starting on 19th June, is going to be our squat phase. I love a squat and am really excited about this phase. You will be squatting multiple times per week and cycling through front and back squats with a mix of single leg and accessory work thrown in for good measure. As well as making improvements in your squat technique and putting some kilos onto your max lift through a selection of rep ranges, we will be looking to build a good understanding of solidity and consistency under the bar. In many training circles, the squat is regarded as the daddy of all exercises. If it’s not the daddy it certainly carries a substantial bang for its buck, not just in development of leg strength and tight assets but also in terms of whole body composition, compound muscle recruitment, hormone release, beach body readiness and jolly good hard work. If you get it right, it feels great and it’s really, really satisfying.

The dynamic duo Josh and Jenna, or Joshuenna, will be kicking this phase off with a practical squat seminar in the gym from 3-5pm on Saturday 17 June 2017, to pass on the knowledge they gained at the excellent Tom Hibbert session they attended earlier this year. Book a place to come and hear them discussing the what, where, when and how of squatting, and to practice some squatting progressions as well as finding out ways to assess and perfect your own squat. They will break it down, build it up and be throwing out a few knowledge sausages your way. (Places are limited so book in early. £20 for members, £30 for non members).

Good luck and enjoy. If you find yourself walking like a cowboy for the first week, not to worry, you won’t be alone.

CF training program, Phase 2, week 12, 12/6/17 – 18/6/17

Posted 9th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to the final week of our second 12 week program of 2017.

This week…

Yes it’s finally come around – it’s the final week of this phase and we can wave goodbye to Barbara and wish her well. She has been a tough but fair mistress. We have seen some great gains (traps, glutes, biceps, thighs) all around, lots of good quality lifting and a lot more solidity under the bar and through some tough WODs.

This week we are asking you to dig deep into your functional and Olympic lifts and set yourselves up with some new 3rpm PRs. There is also plenty of material to get stuck into  to become even more beach ready.

Wall balls and kisses  x


CrossFit Hackney Weapons – 11/6/2017

Posted 7th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons

CrossFit Weapons is back! It is taking the 1.5 hour spot at midday on our Sunday timetable that was previously our Blue Bear class. Come and give it a go if you’re feeling tough but note that is a challenging class and we ask that you are confident with the Olympic lifts before you attend. Though it’s not a class for beginners, equally we want to emphasize that it’s not in an ivory tower: we want to give our regular CrossFit class goers an option if/when they fancy a challenge … this Sunday’s class is already filling up with some new faces, which is great to see. If you’re not sure if it’s for you then come and chat to us.

10min Warm up – coach’s choice.

8 min – AMRAP – add weight as needed

A1 Single leg alt forward and back lunges x 10el

A2 Ring rows x10

A3 Walking lunges x 10el

A4 Banded pull aparts x 20


12min – E2MO2M – 6 sets

Weighted pull ups 6×3 @3011


24 min – BB conditioning

3 min AMRAP – ME thrusters 45/30 kilos

3 min rest

3 min AMRAP – ME hang power cleans

3 min rest

2 min AMRAP – ME thrusters

2 min rest

2 min AMRAP – ME hang power clean

2 min rest

1min AMRAP – ME thrusters

1min rest

1min AMRAP – ME hang power clean
*Geoff RX 207 reps

Rest 5min

For time:

1200m run

12 RFT:


8 T2B

12 Air squats


10min -Mobility / stretching please

Heavy Metcon 7/6/2017

Posted 6th June 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Heavy Met-Con

Warm up because it isn’t hot enough.


Working with a partner E2MO2M work / rest – 12min per station


A1. 6x lengths Sled pushing

A2. ME Power cleans @60% 1rpm


B1. Bike 30Kcals

B2. ME DB/KB thrusters @ 40% BW each hand


C1. 12x Burpee box jumps over (hands on box)

C2. ME Deadlifts @ 60% 1rpm


Working on your own

D. 50x hanging Garhammer raise / Reverse crunches