Lift to perform, not to impress

Posted 27th July 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Sadly, our squat focussed phase (and your newly tightened assets) will be quite literally behind us on Sunday 30th July and we will be welcoming in our brand new training phase, focussing on Olympic lifting and also including some energy systems work. We will be calling this phase Louie and we’re super excited about it. Jenna and Josh have just returned from sunny Manchester after doing the Catalyst Athletics Olympic lifting course with even more ninja-ness in their already large pockets and they are ready to pass this on to you.

Louie will be broken up into 3 week blocks, each containing various progressions for the Olympic lifts. These should have you hitting some sweet positions come the end of each 3 week period. We will also be looking at the training idea of dynamic effort (DE: lifting a non-maximal load with maximal speed) and maximal effort (ME: lifting a maximal load against a maximal resistance) and incorporating some energy systems work (EN: breathing heavily and building a sweat). The core background theory texts behind our programming in this phase are two strength and conditioning bibles: Science and Practice of Strength Training, V. Zatsiorsky and Westside Barbell: The book of methods (Louis Simmons). Shout out to Louis for also having possibly the best tattoos ever.

Bear in mind that you won’t see suggested % weights in this plan, although you will see some heavy medium and light scales next to lifts. These scales will be there to help guide you through the milestones in each 3 week phase.

As with all our programming, squats and general lifting will not be totally off the menu even if they’re not the star attraction. Our front and back squat days and our upper body days will be going through one heavy day (ME, where we will be looking for you to hit a good depth, get in some some nice positions and build on your numbers) and one lighter day (DE, where we will be focusing on consistency of movement and developing some speed).

Lets not forget the WODs. We will be testing Helen and Jackie in week 1 to set a benchmark then building on them over the phase and re-testing at the end. Wednesdays and Sundays will be your energy days (Wednesday also being your heavier conditioning day) and Sunday a bit more of a breathing day. Watch this space on the blog for more in the coming few weeks.

How do I make the most of this phase?

We all like to do it all yesterday but patience and consistency is key here. To make the most of this phase:

1.   Pick your battles

– Attend the same day of the week for the whole 3 week sub phase to make sure you are keeping the skill fresh in your mind.

– Record numbers. Old fashioned pen and paper if not on your phone.

2.   Don’t miss any reps

– Drill in precision in the first 3 weeks then you will be prepared for the loads to come.

– Don’t lift to impress, lift to perform.

3.   Listen to your body

– In the energy system days learn how your body reacts to given tasks.

– Are you the short and fast or long and slow guy or girl?

As with all things at Momentum we are aiming for you to enjoy yourselves and make some gains in all departments. Have fun folks and don’t take yourselves too seriously, it is good for you honest.