CF training program, Squats, week 6 24/7/17 – 30/7/17

Posted 21st July 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Week 6 of our 6 week squat phase.

Week 6 is upon us quicker than the next episode of Game of Thrones. It’s time to test out how far you have come over the last 6 weeks on your front and back squats as well as that beautiful benchmark WOD “Karen”.

We often get asked by members who have been with us for a while and have been through a number of training phases why they make such big leads in lifting numbers when they first started but these slow down over time? It’s called the law of diminished returns (many of you might recognise it as an economic sound bite) but it holds true for training circles as well. In your early years you make big jumps as your body adapts to the training stimuli. These jumps diminish as your body adapts to the stimuli and reaches its natural levels of performance. This is where the beauty of programming comes in and why we change things around. One of the key markers of CF and GPP training is that your performance markers cover a wide spectrum from basic lifts to mono structural to WOD times, and these may increase and decrease in inverse proportion to each other.  So remember, if some numbers aren’t going up in the way you want on some things they will be flying up on others -you’re always making gains.

So lift hard, look for those extra KGs and reps, any gain is a gain. We are re-testing Karen on Saturday so you know how it goes, you know how it feels.

Have fun, stay healthy.


Heavy Metcon 19/7/2107

Posted 18th July 2017 by Geoff Stewart



Working on your own… but always as a team…

5min at each station with a 30 second work 30 second rest time frame the aim is for AMRAP.

Always start with heavy BB exercise rest 2 min then onto the explosive exercise.

Bench press @ 70% BW
Rope smash

Back squats @ 80% BW
Bike –  max distance

Power cleans  and press @65% BW
Rowing – max distance

Deadlifts @ 120% BW
Box jump / explosive step ups

12 and 6 month commitments no longer available from 1 September

Posted 17th July 2017 by Geoff Stewart

We will be closing our contract memberships (12 and 6 month commitments at lower monthly rates) to new members from 1 September 2017. Prepaid 6 and 12 month memberships will still be available. One of the main reasons for this is that people tend to commit but then find themselves unable to honour the full contract length. It is difficult to ensure that we enforce the contract period and unfair on other members who do make the commitment for the full period. For those of you who are already on a 12 or 6 month contract before 1 September 2017, we would like to honour the lower price that you are currently paying and would be delighted to do so for as long as you keep your membership with us*. In order to fix the price of your membership at a 12 or 6 month commitment level, we would ask that you please ensure that you enter your payment details promptly in our new membership system, Teamup. No payments will be taken via Teamup until September, when MindBody will be switched off. If we do not have your payment details in place in Teamup by the end of August, you will automatically move to the higher monthly rolling tariff.

If you are currently on a rolling monthly membership and would like to change to a 6 or 12 month contract before 1 September to fix the price, as above, you are very welcome to do so. Please drop Elena a line if you have any queries and she will be happy to help you.

Now From 1 September
Unlimited (monthly rolling) £195 £195
Unlimited (12 month commitment) £160 No longer available
Unlimited (6 month commitment) £180 No longer available
Unlimited (6 months pay up front) £1,080 £1,080
Unlimited (12 months pay up front) £1,690 £1,920
13 sessions (monthly rolling) £155 £155
13 sessions (6 month commitment ) £140 No longer available
9 sessions (monthly rolling) £115 £115
Off peak unlimited (monthly rolling) £115 £115
Metcon 13 sessions (monthly rolling) £140 £140
Metcon 9 sessions (monthly rolling) £105 £105
10 pack £175 £175
Single session £20 £20
Foundations £180 £180

Thanks all and have a great week. x

*Please note that if you terminate your membership after 1 September 2017, then return at a later date, we will be unable to offer you the lower 12 or 6 month price you were previously on. Please also note that all tariffs, even “frozen” 6 or 12 month tariffs such as the above may be subject to across the board membership price increases in the future, largely depending on the level at which TFL set our rent going forwards. We do, of course, try to avoid/limit price rises where at all possible. A reminder of our membership terms and conditions is here: Once you are past the initial 6 or 12 months of your contract commitment period, you are entitled to terminate your membership at any time by giving us notice by the 17th of the preceding month.

CF training program, Squats, week 5 17/7/17 – 23/7/17

Posted 16th July 2017 by Geoff Stewart


Into week 5 of our 6 week squat phase. Read more background about the training plan here.

Week 5 has arrived like a lot of people’s holiday freeze. As you’ll be getting the hang of your squat days, they are are switching round now and your rep numbers are coming down this week. You should be looking back at your lifting from week 2 and looking to add a few KGs. If you’re new to the lifting game ask your coach for advice on your numbers (Anthony also does hair advice and Claudia is great with the weather).  We are not looking to crush anyone, we are hunting out good quality movement and building strong, fit human beings.

If you do have any questions regarding your training, scheduling, nutrition, supplements and shoes please ask your coach or drop us a email, we are here to help.

Have fun, stay healthy.


Crossfit Weapons 16/7/2017

Posted 14th July 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons

16min teams 2 –  follow the leader

Bike 30 sesconds @ 50%

10x walkout to press ups

1x KB complex –


5x Squats

5x cleans ea

5x push press ea


12min to work up to a 3rpm for the day Power snatch and do any way 12 ring MU / Mini muscle ups.




18 Power Snatch (45/30)

18 Burpee to target

Max Calorie Row / bike

Rest 3:00


15 Power Snatch (40/25)

15 Burpee to target

Max Calorie Row / bike

Rest 3:00


12 Power Snatch (45/30)

12 Burpee to target

Max Calorie Row / bike


8min Finisher

20x banded face pulls @ 1010

10x GHD back extensions @3011