CrossFit Gymnastics – September 2017

Posted 6th September 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Hippo in tut gif - Sept

Well done for continuing to produce some beautiful strict muscle ups.

When put to a vote it was decided that this journey should continue. The first 15 mins of class will therefore remain allocated to practicing this movement (or an alternative gymnastics movement of your choice). Find a new friend, team up, explore and enjoy. 

The remainder of class has been designed to honour one of our members who completes Murph every Remembrance day. (After this phase perhaps some of you might want to join him?).

The ‘gymnastics’ part of Murph involves 100 pull ups, 200 push ups and 300 air squats.

The next four weeks will be spent learning your body’s strengths and limitations to discover the most efficient way for you to complete this (or an adapted) workload.

Take an interest in yourself and find out how to get the best out.


Heavy Metcon 6/9/2017

Posted 5th September 2017 by Geoff Stewart




Do your mobility and do what you need to do then.


Teams of 3 work through below, increase weight slowly…..20mins

5x Deadlifts

10x press ups

5x BB squats

10x Ring rows

5x power cleans




10 (30mins) rounds- working in 3s – Follow the leader format. Time each round AFAP.

Power cleans x3 @ BW / 85%+ 1RPM

Bike 8/10 cals


Best of luck…….

Crossfit Weapons 3/9/2017

Posted 2nd September 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Crossfit Weapons

10min E2MO2M -5sets

10x RKB swings

5x Press ups

10x KB goblet squats

5x Ring rows


15min to build to a heavy UB complex

1x Deadlifts

1x power clean

1x front squat

1x Thruster


5 Rounds

A1.15 Thrusters 45/30

A2.Run 400m

Rest 2mins Between Round


4 Rounds

B1. 20 AKB Swing 24/20

B2. Row 400m

Rest 2mins Between Round


3 Rounds for time:

C1. 50m Farmers Carry -Heavy Heavy KB/DB (so heavy we wrote it twice)

C2.25 x Wall Balls

Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 9

Posted 1st September 2017 by Jenna Fisher

dog in hats phase 9

Well done for making it through the 14, 11, 9 x2. Due to this high volume the focus will lean towards strength for the next month.

This means that you should find yourself a training buddy (hats optional) and learn to spot and encourage. Keep it safe. Achieve your best.