CF training program, phase 2, week 6 4/9/17 – 10/9/17

Posted 1st September 2017 by Geoff Stewart

Week 6 of this training phase, Louie, is here. Read more about Louie here.

Week 6 is with us and everybody to seems to be back from their holidays and getting stuck in. There has been a lot of quality work put in over last week and we, your coaching team, are well impressed with the commitment to the sessions and the plan. Keep going. We are still building and nailing home movements and form. Movements, rep ranges and even some WODs are coming around again so you should know how much weight you’ll be needing on the bar, how useful the rest periods are and how great the energy days are.

A few pointers for this weeks program:

When we have a 41X0 tempo indicated on a DE day what we’re looking for is:

4 is the eccentric tempo you are lowering yourself or the weight.

1 is the pause at the bottom of the lowering phase, but maintaining tension.

X this is the magic number in this sequence, pull or push as hard and as FAST as you can, even if you don’t feel you’re moving fast, it’s the mental intent we are looking for.

0 is at the top of the movement with NO pause.

In some of our  WODs you will see  5-10** burps. The aim here is to pick a repetition range that you can maintain. This means if you do 5 reps fast then slow down on your 6th, then 5 reps is your rep range – we do not want slow reps we want you to practice moving fast.

It’s going to be a massive week x