CrossFit Gymnastics – October 2017

Posted 1st October 2017 by Jenna Fisher

Robin in tutu

Last month was a journey. Through your (admirable) dedication you discovered how to work more efficiently when faced with a workout of high volume bodyweight movements. I loved seeing the results of what you had learnt each week. There were huge achievements all round, well done to everyone.


Barbell Club 2017 – Phase 10

Posted by Jenna Fisher

Dog in hat October

After building some strength in the last phase you can now put this to use in a return to volume.

This phase borrows from Arnold’s Blueprint of last year – a set of 30 reps before the main juice – but with an extra twist of another 30 reps straight after the last set. The two sets of 30 will be performed with an easier/safer movement but still targeting the same muscle group to get the lactic burn. Ensure that you get everything set up before you start so that you can stick to the rest periods and move straight from the last set into the 30 rep finisher without a break.