Crossfit training plan 29/1/18 – 4/2/18

Geoff Stewart | 26-01-2018
Welcome to Phase 1, week 4 of our new 2018 training plan. Week 4 is here and the new year is moving on a little bit too fast for some of us. We are sticking to our themes of consistency, frequency and intensity this phase. Build the consistency (plan your week), frequency (there are lots of classes on our timetable, book... [Read more]

Crossfit training plan 22/1/18 – 28/1/18

Geoff Stewart | 19-01-2018
Welcome to Phase 1, week 3 of our new 2018 training plan. Week 3 is with us, myself (Geoff) and Josh were chatting over some fine mushrooms on toast at Ozone coffee the other day and as we do discussing the merits of various training plans, periodization structures, various gut testing protocols and how we can get you folks the best... [Read more]

Barbell Club – February 2018

Jenna Fisher | 18-01-2018
Find yourself a buddy and have a bro sesh. The new 3 month cycle begins on January 29th. The rep scheme opens with accumulation and gradually edges towards intensification by month three. A strength phase of low rep / heavy weight will take over from May so ensure to use the next three months wisely to build your base. Month... [Read more]

Heavy Metcon 17/01/2018

Jenna Fisher | 17-01-2018
This class is for advanced lifters. Please read the guidelines before signing up. (more…)

Heavy Metcon Guidelines

Jenna Fisher
If you are trying to decide if this class is for you, or if you have been attending and sometimes/always need to scale the weight, these tips will help: (more…)

Crossfit training plan 15/1/18 – 21/1/18

Geoff Stewart | 12-01-2018
Welcome to Phase 1, week 2 of our new 2018 training plan. Week 2 is with us already, how are those resolutions and goals holding up? There have been some sore folk walking around the gym this week. The first few sessions back after an overindulgent few weeks leave us all sore and are a reminder that we really shouldn't... [Read more]