Heavy Metcon – 2nd May

Jenna Fisher | 29-04-2018
  This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells and are heavy. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction. Other than that, come and enjoy x (more…)

Crossfit training plan- 30/4/18 – 6/5/18

Geoff Stewart | 27-04-2018
Welcome to Phase 3, week 1 of our 2018 training plan. Week 1 of yet another training phase is with us. When we start a new training phase take your time to read the workout and listen to your coach please... they are wise in many things. This week are reps ranges are going up you need to make sure... [Read more]

Crossfit Hackney training plan 2018 – Phase 3

Geoff Stewart | 26-04-2018
  We are almost (Sunday 29th April) coming to the end of phase 2 of our 2018 master plan. For ease we are going to call the next one phase 3. And it's going to be a belter and set you up for a hot summer. As you know well, as you've heard me crack on about it so much,... [Read more]

Barbell Club – May 2018

Jenna Fisher | 22-04-2018
During the last three months you have moved from 15,8 to 12,6 to 8,4 rep ranges, completing some solid muscle endurance and hypertrophy lifting before starting to touch upon strength. I'm posting May's programme early to try to encourage you to make a note of what you achieve at the end of April so that you are sure to progress... [Read more]

Momentum Training at Old Street: FAQs

Geoff Stewart | 21-04-2018
We're getting a lot of questions about our new site at Old Street, so we've put together some FAQs to give you more detail on what to expect. Where is it? We are going to be located at 31A Corsham Street, which is about 1 min walk from Old Street tube station. When does it open? Doors open for classes... [Read more]

Crossfit training plan- 23/4/18 – 29/4/18

Geoff Stewart | 20-04-2018
Welcome to Phase 2, week 8 of our 2018 training plan. Week 8 has finally arrived and we are testing again .Im sure you have all kept you notes, weights moved times for WOD etc from week 1 so you can get some real comparisons and see how far you have come. As with week 1 you might want to... [Read more]

Momentum comes to Old Street!

Geoff Stewart | 18-04-2018
Our new gym at Old Street (31A Corsham Street to be precise) is opening for a weekend of free classes on 19th and 20th May then opening the doors for regular business on Monday 21 May 2018. To book a free class on 19th or 20th May, visit our timetable page, select Old Street, then navigate to the day you... [Read more]

Crossfit training plan- 16/4/18 – 22/4/18

Geoff Stewart | 13-04-2018
Welcome to Phase 2, week 7 of our 2018 training plan. Its almost done people we are into week 7 of our 8 week training phase this is our last building building and making payments into the bank of fitness before we test and make some withdrawls. Be brave, be focused and enjoy. Smash it. (more…)