Crossfit training plan- 9/4/18 – 15/4/18

Posted 6th April 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 2, week 6 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 6. Well done people a great week under the belts even with the long bank holiday to mess about with your training schedule.


This week some of our reps are coming down and as you know as our reps come down our weight on the bar goes up, but always with great form and remember we don’t practice missing lifts. There are a spicy selection of WODs , before you plow into have a look and make a plan.

Smash it.


Heavy Metcon – 4th April

Posted by Jenna Fisher

5 min warm up – less chat more action


Part A  (20 min)

1 power clean + 1 hang clean + 1 hang cluster + 2 thruster


Complete this

EMOM x5 (light i.e. 45kg female)


E90s x4 (a bit heavier i.e. 50kg female)


E2M x3 (heavier still i.e 55-60kg female)


—–Rest 5 mins—-


Barbell Club – April 2018

Posted by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club

April is the last month of this 3-month cycle. It will round up the muscle endurance and hypertrophy that you have been building. The heavier loads will also prepare you for what is to come.