Crossfit training plan – 16/7/18 – 22/7/18

Posted 13th July 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 4, week 4 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 4 fun, fun, fun! We have a lot of it in store this week. Things are going to get spicy this week. There are few main rules we use when setting our programming. One of the key ones is balance. When we say balance we’re talking about technique, engine and strength: at no point should one be outpacing another. Balance is one of the most important goals. How is your training balance?

Fun in the sun.


Crossfit training plan – 9/7/18 – 15/7/18

Posted 8th July 2018 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome to Phase 4, week 3 of our 2018 training plan.

Week 3. So how was the first 2 weeks of this new phase? We really hope you are getting your gains, learning some new skills and, most importantly, having fun. There is a lot of stuff flying round the inter-web at present about the perfect body, ripped abs, tight asses etc. We at Momentum have done this training thing for some time and experience tells us that there is a lot of posturing going on (and also a lot of starved, unhappy people). We are super proud that we are in the health, fitness and – most importantly – the happy-and-healthy industry.

This week we are going to ask you to go a bit harder. Our mantra still remains ‘every thing you do, do with great movement and good form.’ Don’t try and “game” your workouts and WODs too much: sometimes you have to push and test your game to improve your game.


Fun in the sun.


Free body scans (and vending machines…)

Posted 2nd July 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Did you know we have a body scanner at Hackney? No, it’s not from outer space, it won’t beam you up and it won’t share any of your vital stats with all your Instagram followers. What it will do is measure some of your body composition markers including weight, body fat, muscle mass, muscle distribution (ever thought you’re stronger on one side than the other?) and a few other very interesting things.  It’s one useful tool for measuring your progress, but remember folks it’s just one tool and we’re not just all about the numbers at Momentum: if you’re feeling good and enjoying your training, then that’s a major achievement and that’s where we want you to be. However, if you fancy a few metrics to help you along the way, then bobs your uncle.

Due to popular demand, we’re now making the body scanner free to use for all our members – if you haven’t before, have a go next time you’re in the gym. The first time you use it, you need a coach or another member of staff to set you up, but after that, you can do it yourself – don’t do it too often – every 8 weeks or so is more than enough. You’ll get a little print out with your vital stats that you can file away in your training notebook – it’ll also show you how your numbers have changed since the last scan. Old Street members are welcome to come over to Hackney to use it whenever they like. Enjoy!

Drinks, bars and the pink tin

Having given with one hand, we’re now going to take away with the other. People: please pay for your f***** drinks and snacks. We have always run an honesty policy with our drinks and snack shop and a huge kiss to those who do play fair. We have always tried to be pretty cool and laid back but it’s become apparent that this isn’t working and we are losing money hand over fist on the drinks and bars. We’re sure you don’t mean to rip us off and that you intend the bring the money next time etc etc… So now if you take anything from the shop, please either pay cash at the time and put the money in the pink tin OR, if you don’t have cash with you, write down your name and how much you owe on the paper on the fridge and we will charge it to your account.

We’re going to try this for a few months and if it doesn’t work then we’ll have to move to a vending machine…And we don’t really want the vending machine. So please be good and pay up or don’t just take things. x