Thursday Night Rowing Classes – Row with an Olympic medalist

Posted 2nd July 2018 by Josh Schouten

Luka Špik, Olympic Rowing Champion, is a regular on a Thursday evening @ 7:30pm.   This class focuses on rowing technique and rowing fitness.  Each week Luka will guide and challenge members to improve their anaerobic and aerobic rowing capacity.

Rowing has a fantastic strength and technique carry over to many other CrossFit movements, as well as serious fitness.  Learning how to row efficiently, how to read all those crazy numbers on the screen, and how to pace yourself over long distances is a very valuable lesson for all athletes.

Along with great training, Luka is looking for some consistent members who would be looking at possibly entering the British Indoor Rowing Championship. Please see Luka in the classes if you’re interested.

These classes are part of your existing membership and all are welcome to take part in the sessions. Book in here.

Please be aware that the class is limited to 7ppl, as we only have 7 rowing machines.

Good Training!

CrossFit Gymnastics – July 2018

Posted 1st July 2018 by Jenna Fisher

After a month of conditioning and some excellent improvements on your 21, 15, 9 capacity, we now switch back to strength. This month looks to improve your strength for muscle ups (ready for next month’s conditioning workout) without actually doing any muscle ups 🙂


Barbell Club – July 2018

Posted by Jenna Fisher

Barbell club

Big congrats for all your hard work last month. Some previous 1RMs were broken with the increased weight being lifted not only for one rep but for 2-4 reps!

The next 5-month cycle will now begin. To recover from the heavy loads of the last two months, and to rebuild some muscle endurance, we return to higher reps. This time in giant sets 🙂


The rep format is:

A1. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

A2. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

A3. 3, 6, 9, 12, 15

A4. 6, 12, 18, 24, 30  (double the reps of the A1-3 exercises).

This means that you do

3 reps of A1,

then 3 reps of A2,

then 3 reps of A3,

then 6 reps of A4.

Then 6 reps of A1, 6 reps of A2, 6 reps of A3 and 12 reps of A4. Etc.

The exercises are on the programme spreadsheet.


Start heavyish for the 3 and 6 reps, and 9 if you can, then much lighter for the 12 and 15. Do a good warm up to build up to the 3 rep weight before you start the first set.


Session A focusses on upper body push with a smaller focus on legs (mainly quads).

Session B focusses on upper body pulls with a smaller focus on legs (hamstrings and glutes).

Session C focusses on legs with a smaller focus on shoulders.

Biceps feature throughout with curls and chin ups for that summer pump.


Session A and C use a ‘you go I go’ format, for an equal work:rest ratio (approximately). For this reason try to team up with someone who will be doing the same exercise as you, since split squats will take much longer to complete than back squats, for example. If you are unable to find a suitable partner,  you can time a rest period that is equal to your work effort.

For session B you work alone, with specified rest periods on the programme spreadsheet.

For the sled push you both work together for the specified time period, taking it in turns to complete one length (a length = just up; a lap would be up and back). Keep it light and fast – aim to complete 3 lengths each within the first 30 sec period. Since each team will likely start the circuit at different times due to different length of warm up this should avoid a queue. If there is, you can share a sled between four people (one length each still) but double the timeframe. 6am, 8am and 6.30pm classes can also use the sleds in both rooms.


Stick to the short rest periods to keep your heart rate up and to achieve fat burning results.


Enjoy x


Barbell Club Programme – July 2018