Heavy Metcon 8/8/2018

Posted 8th August 2018 by Geoff Stewart

Working with a partner in a YGIG format.

To get yourself warm 12 min working

5x Squat cleans – build weight through sets

10 press ups

5x Deadlifts – same bar as cleans please

10 ring rows


Rest 5min and set yourselves up for;


Bench press ladder 1-10 -heavyish

Deadlift ladder 10-1 – heavyish

In between each rung of the ladder do 20kcals bike or rower AFAP whilst partner does their BB work.


Rest 3min tidy your stuff away then do as many sets as time allows


Flamingo Holds – I just made that up!

Standing on one leg and holding a heavy KB in the opposite hold for 30seconds then change (standing tall, soft knee, squeeze your glute)