Crossfit training program 1/10/18-7/10/18

Geoff Stewart | 28-09-2018
Welcome to Phase 5, week 5 of our 2018 training plan. Week 5. It's time to change it around a little. This week your primary lifts will remain the same but your rep ranges will be coming down... so (as you all know) your weight will be going up. We are still aiming to get a lot of work (volume)... [Read more]

Crossfit training program 24/9/18-30/9/18

Geoff Stewart | 21-09-2018
Welcome to Phase 5, week 4 of our 2018 training plan. Week 4. Another week under those ever tightening belts. Our basic lifts and numbers are the same as last week so keep it simple make sure your form is good and you're moving well. Remember the key to this phase is building an even bigger, better, more solid foundation.... [Read more]

Crossfit training program 17/9/18-23/9/18

Geoff Stewart | 15-09-2018
Welcome to Phase 5, week 3 of our 2018 training plan. Is it really week 3 already? It's great so see some many of you working so hard. These first few weeks have a lot of volume and sometimes it might feel a bit like a metcon, this isn't a bad thing people. If you feel you need a rest... [Read more]

Crossfit training program 10/9/18-16/9/18

Geoff Stewart | 07-09-2018
Welcome to Phase 5, week 2 of our 2018 training plan. How are you feeling people? got any new aches and pains from week 1? This week you'll be repeating your basic lifts and numbers so you'll looking to add a few more kilos to the bar and holding the rep ranges. You'll be working smoothly, consistanlly working your positions... [Read more]

CrossFit Gymnastics – September 2018

Jenna Fisher | 04-09-2018
Last month's conditioning workout had some fantastic results. The re-test in the final week revealed the success of your hard work with scores being reduced by 3-8 minutes. This month we return to strength with some extra drills to help your muscle to contract faster to achieve more explosive reps. The month will also give you the chance to identify... [Read more]