Into to Anthony Masters

Posted 26th April 2019 by Josh Schouten

When we look at Anthony we think Gandalf. His long ponytail and wizard knowledge about mobility and gymnastics he often get confused.

Notably, Anthony used to play semi-professional tennis with a claim to fame of beating Rafael Nadal on clay back in the day.  Whilst his days for sliding back an forth on the tennis court are long gone he’s come on board with Momentum Training to bolster the staffing team and share his words of wisdom.

Into to Joe Martin

Posted by Josh Schouten

We’d love to introduce Joe Martin into the mix. Straight out of the BBC’s comedy department and into Momentum Training, he’s been a CrossFit coach now for 6 years. In that time he’s picked up a dog named Charlie with poor ability to do tricks and sit still. Joe loves a casual dress up day/night and is proud to wear leggings on any occasion, just ask.

Joe’s weak spot is for Krispy Kreme doughnuts (don’t even bother with Crosstown, he’s not interested) so next time your after some forgiveness in a workout keep this little nugget for a rainy day.

On a serious note: Joe’s got some serious Olympic lifting tekkers and loves the odd competition here and there. All welcome, Joe Martin!


Heavy Metcon 24/4/2019

Posted 23rd April 2019 by Geoff Stewart
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This is an advanced class. The main lifts are with barbells. You must know how to perform these movements without instruction and be confident in holding form whilst under fatigue. Other than that, all are welcome!


Mobility with Anthony Masters

Posted by Josh Schouten

The goal of these mobility classes is to help make you stronger, move better, feel younger and stay injury free so that you can continue to see progress and enjoy the most out of your training.

Think of mobility as the active approach to developing flexibility, that goes to say this stuff is not as relaxing as your average yoga class, but it gets results.

Without going deep into the science side of things here are the 3 main objectives we aim to achieve.


  1. Mobility Development – In a training sense mobility can be defined as STRENGTH + CONTROL in order to expand upon usable ranges of motion, articular resilience (i.e. load bearing capacity), and overall joint health.
  2. Joint Strength– While improving mobility and movement potential, the approach of the class acts to ‘bulletproof’ or safeguard your joints so that movements can be executed efficiently and safely.
  3. Body Control – Think of this as building the mind-body connection. We aim to improve the function of your nervous system. This can lead to a reduction of pain and injury, joint health and longevity, as well as an increased ability to move freely and easily.

The beginning phase of classes will be focused on the common physical demands of the classes and what most people need to work on in order to meet those demands. Basically shoulders, hips & spine.

Based on observation, research and most of my assessments these 3 most problematic areas in and out of the gym. But it so happens that CrossFit, WeightlIfting and Gymnastics go to town on these areas, so it makes sense to prioritise these areas first.

So here is an overview of the program for the next couple of weeks.

Warm up

10-15mins: CARS (controlled articular rotations). This part prepares the joints for more challenging tasks to come. I will go into more detail about this routine in classes but we will be using this as a self-assessment tool to monitor areas that need addressing and track our progress based off of visual observation & feel.

Lower body

20-25mins: This will focus on improving compound movements like the squat and deadlift, help address and reduce any niggles you may be feeling such as tight hips or knee and lower back issues.

Upper body

20-25mins: This will focus on improving pressing/ pulling movements, especially those overhead positions many of us struggle to get into like the handstand, push press & snatch. Again this will also address a lot of the niggles people tend to experience somewhere around the shoulder, elbows and neck.

Look forward to seeing you guys,

Anthony M

Crossfit Program – 22/04/2019 to 28/04/19

Posted 22nd April 2019 by Josh Schouten


Last week of the month is here already. Hope you’re ready for this! By now we should know the loads used for the prescribed A’s & B’s. Next month we should be looking to work towards those PB’s. Especially for those who have been following the program since January. We’ve built the base, tasted some heavier weights and now will work towards putting our best on the table at the end of the month (May). This week we should be looking at getting a good idea of heavy, medium and low loads used during workouts. Looking now to feel the workouts and know our own strengths and weaknesses. With this information, we are able to judge the effort we put into a certain movement, be it all out effort or hold back because you know what is coming. If this is not you just yet please be sure to take note over the next week or two how you fair on the shorter or longer workouts. Live, learn and love the process

Have a great week team x