Gymnastics Classes Competition – May – Results

Posted 4th June 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Before the team winners are announced below, some special mentions should be acknowledged:

Chris (6am, advanced): highest individual score of 8 rounds + 11 reps

Antoine (6am, intermediate): biggest individual improvement from the start of the month to the end, up from 8 rounds to 11.

Darragh and Roy (6am, advanced): biggest team improvement from the start of the month to the end, up from 10 rounds to 13.

Mauricio and Daniel (8am, advanced): entered a second week with an upscale: 11 rounds + 13 reps with all HSPU (x96) performed as strict reps (hands on floor) whilst maintaining the 30kg dead-ball runs

Anwar (8am, advanced): All 30 rope climbs performed with no feet and most HSPU performed strict whilst maintaining the 30kg dead-ball runs

Stuart (8am, intermediate 20kg dead-ball run but upscaled strength): All HSPU performed strict (x69) and all rope climbs completed with no feet (x48)

Giorgio (8am, intermediate 20kg dead-ball but upscaled strength): All HSPU performed strict (x64) and all rope climbs completed with no feet (x48)

Konrad (6.30pm, advanced): Completed it solo so not an official entry but within 21 minutes (rather than the 31 minutes prescribed) had achieved 5 rounds with a 1:1 run and reps ratio. That ratio is a huge disadvantage so it’s a massive achievement in that timeframe.


Coach’s win: getting Giorgio to do cardio. Just once. But it counts πŸ™‚


Now what we are all waiting for:


Gymnastics – June 2019

Posted 2nd June 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Some great results in the competition last month, with individual and team performances improving massively. One team (Darragh and Roy) achieved a 30% increase, from 10 rounds completed in the first week to 13 rounds completed in the last. That’s 75 extra reps. Plus a heavier dead-ball, going up from 20kg to 30kg for the 400m run. The full results and winners will be announced in a separate blog post.

This month we will have a three-part competition:

a) max unbroken reps: bar muscle ups, pull ups, ring row (advanced/intermediate/beginner)

b) workout 1 (see programme below)

c) workout 2 (see programme below)

Complete a) one week and b) and c) another week. More on this in the competition blog post.


Crossfit Program: 03/06/19 – 09/06/19

Posted by Josh Schouten

June will bring about some percentage work on the 1RM / 5RM’s that we achieved last month. We would recommend that of the 100% figure, you work off the 95% number. I.e. If, for a given movement you hit 100kg we would use 95kg as the number to figure 70% off of. This would come to 66.5kg. This little trick will allow us to not overload when we should be using the lighter percentages and focus on the speed and precision of the movements.

June will see us using more Olympic lifting complexes to focus on working different positions and fixing our weaknesses. Our coaches may change some of these up to add or subtract from the movements to make them more suited to the individual. Please don’t forget all the work that we have done in the previous months with accessories for upper and lower. If you are one that needs to keep some of this work in your program please do use “Open Gym” to bring up these weaknesses.

A few reminders that we now have a specific mobility class on Thursday mornings @ 7am where we will show you how to fix some of the limitations you may have. This will be a great addition to your training schedule if you are finding it difficult to get into some of the positions required for the Olympic lifts, so get your bum along to see Anthony Masters for some suppleness pre-breakfast.



Weekly training schedule:

Monday: Power Clean & Jerk, Front Squat & Leg finisher

Tuesday: Higher volume on the shoulders preparing for the heavier weights to come.

Wednesday: Strength-based energy systems. We’ll be aiming to get warm 0:00-15:00 then have 20:00-40:00 mins of work to get through.

Thursday: CrossFit Gymnastics – Now with beginners and advanced components with Jenna and Anthony Masters

Friday: Deadlift and a little structural balance work, you know we all need it.

Saturday: Snatch Preparation and Complex Team and Partner workouts grab a partner and suffer together.

Sunday: Clean Preparation and Complex. Testing workouts and names WODs.