Barbell Club – August 2019

Posted 31st July 2019 by Jenna Fisher

August is the second month of this five-month cycle. Three days per week of bench press now moves to three days of squats, for your ‘A’ exercise focus (sumo deadlifts on the fourth day). Reps remain low so that you can increase the weight and build strength. That said, take note that on the third day the focus should be position and not load so do not go heavy here.

The ‘B’ exercise EMOMs move from two exercises every minute to two exercises every 90 seconds, and your bench press now switches with the squat to move in here. (Note that on the fourth day it is one exercise every 90 seconds).

The single-arm dumbbell overhead squat should only be performed by those with the mobility to achieve the correct position and range. If this is not you just yet then complete split squats instead to help to improve your mobility (still with the dumbbell overhead if you can achieve the correct position). For people somewhere in the middle you could do box steps ups instead (again still with the dumbbell overhead if you can).

Work consistently and you will achieve the results x

Click here for Barbell Club Programme – August 2019

Click here for Weights Log


CrossFit Carnival, Metcon Madness, Burgers and Beer

Posted 30th July 2019 by Jenna Fisher

Competition for all levels of CrossFit and Metcon*.

Saturday 10th August, 12.30pm start. Burgers and Beer after.

Guest appearance by B-dawg.


The focus here is fun so there is no need to be scared. Do come 🙂


(*the metcon level is for all our members who do not do CrossFit).


What you need to do to enter the competition:

Email [email protected] by 6th August. Please give:

  1. your name
  2. which level you will be entering for workout 1.1
  3. which level you will be entering for workout 1.2
  4. which level you will be entering for workout 2
  5. the name of your partner (if you have one) for workout 2 ( I will find you one if you don’t!)
  6. Bring your preferred burgers and beer on the day and we will supply the extras

The full competition workouts are provided in this pdf document:

Click here for Carnival workouts, 10th August, 2019

Note that the first sheet lists all the levels – advanced, intermediate, novice, and metcon – so that you can compare directly and decide where you fit. (There is now an additional ‘mascot’ group for the people who are attending but cannot perform all of the movements due to injuries. Scaled safe alternatives are being allocated per individual).

The remaining sheets are provided so that once you have chosen your level(s) you need only look at the appropriate sheet for that level(s) and not be bogged down with all the other information that you do not need to know: advanced at a glance, intermediate at a glance, novice at a glance, and metcon at a glance.

Since the last blog post I have adjusted the criteria for each level, so do check out the workouts on all levels before making your decision. You may find that you are now a level higher than what you thought before.

You do not need to enter the same level for all of the workouts. For example, you could enter as advanced for workout 1.1, intermediate for workout 1.2, and advanced for workout 2. There will be one winner per level per workout, rather than just one winner overall. (That said, if someone does happen to win/be on the winning teams for all five workouts then they will get a special mention!).

Workouts 3 and 4 will be mixed level groups (allocated by the organiser) so you do not need to email any information for those.

Click on the ‘more’ link below to read a quick overview of the workouts before you attempt to read the detailed* spreadsheet. (*I have tried to anticipate all your questions to give answers to these upfront).


Heavy Metcon 31st September 2019

Posted by Geoff Stewart


This is an advanced class you need to competent with your basic lifts and able to work with out much coaching. We can scale all workout so if you feel brave and want to try it out please check in with the coach. Good Luck.


You are going to have to have a bit of a think before you plow into the body of tonights workout, go to heavy and you’ll be struggling, go to light and you’ll be cursing yourself.

Be brave be wise…

Warm up please

A. You have 10 mins to build to a heavy complex

1x Deadlift

1x power clean

1x push press

B. With the weight you have established in the above plan your weights for the below. Ideally we would like to increase your weight every round by 5-10kg.

5 rounds E4MO4M

50x DU

12x Deadlifts

9x hang power cleans


1x Rope climb


C. Heavy breathing.

3x rounds (that 3 efforts on each piece of equipment) 1min work per piece of mono structural then 30seconds to change equipments

Ski erg.


assault bike.

Total distance covered wins



Olympic Lifting – August

Posted 29th July 2019 by Josh Schouten

This month we are still focused on volume in our squat programme, next month this will go down, which I’m sure will be somewhat of a “light” relief!

Last month, everyone has started to become far more consistent in their lifts and hitting their percentages. The goal this month is to really work on our turnover in the Snatch, finishing the second pull and some emphasis on the Split Jerk.
I have added complexes as a warm-up before we Snatch or C&J to help emphasise the above.
E.g Snatch in Squat Stance, Jerk Dips, Power Jerks behind the neck and no contact power snatches.
Wednesdays/ Thursdays are where you will see more drills to help with our Monday and Saturday sessions!
Looking forward to what this month has in store for everyone!
Claudia x

Mobility August

Posted by Anthony Masters
Hey gang, for the month of august the mobility classes are going to address quiet a few things in new ways i am yet to see done elsewhere, so keep it a secret.
The highlight is…
As before there will be 2 speciality classes, both split between upper/ lower body. Having done my research on common injuries in CrossFit as i said before shoulders, hips & spine are the top 3, a lot of stats reveal these injuries to be acute, regardless recovery in these cases can be quiet lengthy and costly hampering the progress we all want to see. Kipping muscle ups & olympic lifting is a big one, the intense and dynamic nature of these movements makes it so easy to get hurt if you land slightly out of position, especially under fatigue. Solution is i am gonna place the shoulder/ hip in rotational ‘compromised’ positions where you will be most weakest and vulnerable in the real setting and at the same time strength train the shit out of the ‘sister’ joints being elbow/ knee extension & flexion. The aim is to use a safe environment to train you beyond the demands of many movements found in CrossFit/ Oly/ Gymnastics. This increases your capacity to handle more stress, have more control, awareness and strength in these weak positions in order to bullet proof the joints. No BS but myself and my clients have been performing some amazing feats of strength and hitting PB’s left, right & centre recently with this stuff that Dmitry Klokov would be shitting his pants. So if none of the above made sense just come along and see for yourself.
Wk 1- lower body speciality class (Hips & knees)
Wk 2- full body, deadlift focused, hamstrings, hip flexors, spine & shoulders
Wk 3- upper body speciality class (shoulders & elbows)
Wk 4- spine, thoracic and lower back focused.
Wk 5- full body, shoulder internal rotation & hip adductor work… because we all need it.