Dec Mobility

Anthony Masters | 29-11-2019
Hi guys, so Dec will see 3 classes, each class will give you something to remember me about over the xmas... in a thankful way. They are gonna be pretty specific, i am going to give a taste of what it feels like to hold a stretch for 12-15mins... its a long time but this is about improving cold mobility... [Read more]

Crossfit training plan 25th November to 1st December 2019

Geoff Stewart | 24-11-2019
We have come to the end of Autumn training phase and hopefully you have built even more robustness to withstand the on slaught of the pre x-mas, x-mas and post x-mas party sessions. We are happy with the way the plan laid it-selfout as with all these things there has been some good, some not so good and some ace... [Read more]

Crossfit program 18th November to 24th November

Geoff Stewart | 17-11-2019
Week 12 of 12 . Week 12, Can you believe it? Its finally come around the final week of this training phase and (as far as i can see) its been a goody. No one had died and everyone is looking solid. We got some fun and some challenges for you to end this phase with. Be brave but not... [Read more]

Christmas Social Crazy Golf and Pub

Jenna Fisher | 15-11-2019
Reminder!!!! - The deadline to sign up to the Xmas party is 12 noon, Monday 18th November. The party starts at 5pm so is suitable for those who have something else on later in the evening. Sign up on TeamUp-StoreOrders-XmasParty End of reminder. _____________ Due to the high level of interest in the survey, and the speed at which Christmas... [Read more]

Momentum Socials

Jenna Fisher | 14-11-2019
As soon as the weather starts to warm in the new year the date of the next competition social will be set. In the meantime, there are many fun things we can do! Please complete this three-question survey to have your say on what events we organise. Before doing the survey, please read the details below so that you... [Read more]

Crossfit Program 11th November -17th November 2019

Geoff Stewart | 10-11-2019
Week 11 of 12 . Week 11, The final week  of our basic lifting patterns of this training phase, remember we are looking for a higher % lifted for your x5 reps sets please. There are some meaty WODs this week check your time on work rest rounds and count your reps. Monday - Cleans, pull ups and "No time... [Read more]

Gymnastics – Beginners – November 2019

Jenna Fisher | 06-11-2019
  November's program goes back to basics as gymnastics is changing to a beginner program. It was introduced as an intermediate/advanced class a few years ago so that people would get a chance to practice the harder movements that are not programmed in the regular classes in order to keep those achievable for all levels. Muscle-ups, HSPU, and HS walk... [Read more]

StrongCon Schedule

Jenna Fisher | 05-11-2019
The session days for StrongCon are listed below. These are for the 6-week trial to give all classes a taster of the different workouts. The program has been adjusted slightly to allow for a bigger class size (12 people instead of 8) so do check it out - link at the bottom. If it becomes too much of a squeeze... [Read more]

November Mobility Program

Anthony Masters | 04-11-2019
As many of you know I am skiving off to Malaysia and Indonesia for 3 weeks soon. I figured doing a course related to mobility on the other side of the planet would justify extending my trip into a holiday. Fear not, you will be in good hands, in my absence Leticia will be running the classes. For those of... [Read more]