Crossfit Program 11th November -17th November 2019

Posted 10th November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 11 of 12 . Week 11, The final week  of our basic lifting patterns of this training phase, remember we are looking for a higher % lifted for your x5 reps sets please. There are some meaty WODs this week check your time on work rest rounds and count your reps.

Monday – Cleans, pull ups and “No time like now” .

Tuesday – Bench press and another 3 rounds each and another 3 rounds each.

Wednesday -Complex and ladders.

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, pressing  and try and keep count.

Saturday – Snatching and  get of the floor……

Sunday – CF open WOD? (more…)

Gymnastics – Beginners – November 2019

Posted 6th November 2019 by Jenna Fisher


November’s program goes back to basics as gymnastics is changing to a beginner program.

It was introduced as an intermediate/advanced class a few years ago so that people would get a chance to practice the harder movements that are not programmed in the regular classes in order to keep those achievable for all levels.

Muscle-ups, HSPU, and HS walk now featured once per week in this new gymnastics class. Consistency was needed for people to achieve these movements competently.

In the first year alone, around 18+ people progressed from not being able to do any muscle-ups to being able to do them in WoDs (strict reps, not kipping). HSPUs also increased dramatically with some managing up to 80 reps. Bar muscle-ups were also achieved for the first time with some of those people now being able to do sets of 15 unbroken. HS walks were the latest development with one member completing 132ft while doing a 2019 Games workout of 800m row, 66 KB jerks (16kgs) and 132ft handstand walk. These have been fantastic achievements that make me feel very proud of you all.

A second coach was then added to the busy morning classes so that beginner members would have a chance to attend as well. This gave them the chance to have extra practice on their pull-ups, dips, TTB, and double-unders on top of doing these movements in regular classes. An accessory program was also given to strengthen their back, biceps, triceps, tendons, etc. to support the big compound movements.


We are now going full circle and returning to a beginner program. (Click on ‘more’ for November’s program.)


StrongCon Schedule

Posted 5th November 2019 by Jenna Fisher

The session days for StrongCon are listed below. These are for the 6-week trial to give all classes a taster of the different workouts.

The program has been adjusted slightly to allow for a bigger class size (12 people instead of 8) so do check it out – link at the bottom. If it becomes too much of a squeeze I will reduce the class size down again.

Weeks 1 and 2 (4th – 17th November)

Mondays am – Session 1

Tuesdays pm – Session 2

Wednesdays pm – Session 1

Thursdays am – Session 2

Saturdays am – Session 3


November Mobility Program

Posted 4th November 2019 by Anthony Masters

As many of you know I am skiving off to Malaysia and Indonesia for 3 weeks soon. I figured doing a course related to mobility on the other side of the planet would justify extending my trip into a holiday. Fear not, you will be in good hands, in my absence Leticia will be running the classes. For those of you that have not met her before here are some important facts you need to know. Some years ago Leticia decided that sitting at the office hours on end was not for her anymore. During her globe trotting break in pursuit of a career change she visited India to do an intensive Yin Yoga training, unfortunately smuggling chicken breasts into Yoga sanctuaries to satisfy her craving for meat was not sustainable in the long run. We could have told her that being a Brazilian that loves her steak rare. Fast track forward she also qualified as a PT and Functional Range Conditioning practitioner, in other words a mobility specialist. From here she decided this was the path she wanted to pursue where it is OK to eat meat. Leticia has the eyes of an eagle for spotting mobility deficits and loves using her knowledge to troubleshoot problems when it comes to making movement look sexy. She has learnt and been mentored by some very knowledgeable beings in and out of the field of mobility training. Without a doubt she will bring to the table some amazing new stuff i am simply crap at.




Wk 1 – Anthony: Hip adductors, butterfly pose to straddle stringed together by intense shoulder work. This is an all rounder class bringing back a lot of moves I did in my very first class but with a little more intensity this time.


Wk 2 – Leticia: Hip focus and perfecting the squat. Hip internal rotation, hip flexion without the lower back getting involved (many of us struggle with this), loading tissues dynamically with kinetic stretching and eccentric work.


Wk 3 – Leticia: Complete upper body push/ pull focus. Scapular retraction/ protraction, shoulder extension and internal/ external rotation work (again stuff most of us suck at) followed by some wrist prep and thoracic spine awareness.


Wk 4 – Leticia: Full body, maintaining existing ranges of motion through FRC techniques such as passive range holds, lift-offs, hovers, advanced CARS. Moving through positions, more time under tension and higher reps.


Ant x

Crossfit program 4th November – 10th November 2019

Posted 3rd November 2019 by Geoff Stewart

Week 10 of 12 . Week 10, Basic lifting patterns this week, 5×5 is the order of the week.

Monday – Cleans, pull ups and “inverse” a repeat from week 6

Tuesday – Bench press and 2minutes and 1minute.

Wednesday -Clusters and “Rugrats”

Thursday -Unicorn ninja magic stuff

Friday – Deadlift, pressing  and YGIG

Saturday – Snatching and  a “Hot potato”

Sunday – CF open WOD 20.5 (more…)