Barbell Club – March 2020

Jenna Fisher | 01-03-2020
This month is Phase 2 of the Juggernaut method. Once you have entered your AMRAP numbers from last month the spreadsheet will tell you what to lift this month. If you are joining Barbell Club for the first time you should start from week 1 of Phase 1. (I have allowed 22 weeks of classes to complete this 16-week program... [Read more]

Weightlifting Programming – March 2020

Josh Schouten
Hello! I can't quite believe it is March already! Quite a few more drills this month and some squat volume, meaning more reps at lower percentages. This should hopefully translate into our lifts and help increase our overall strength. YAY to Squat conditioning. The idea this month is to really work on extension, that final pull! I have designed this... [Read more]