Workouts and beers

Posted 8th March 2020 by Jenna Fisher


Date of workouts (and beers): Saturday 28th March, 12pm start

Deadline for registering: Saturday 14th March

Email Jenna to register

Since many people tell me they want to come to these events but not compete there will be three options to make this as inclusive as possible:

Option 1: participate in the workouts and enter your score for the competition

Option 2: participate in the workouts and do not enter your score for the competition

Option 3: do not participate in the workouts and help me (Jenna) with the judging (i.e. counting people’s reps)

Whichever option you choose you still need to register by the 14th March.

There are workouts for all levels and all classes: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, CrossFit/Heavy Metal Club, Barbell Club, Metcon, StrongCon, and Weightlifting.

It is just for fun so there is no need to be scared.

The focus is very much on meeting people and enjoying working out together.

For those who do like competition, this format provides the extra challenge of having to strategise your day to try to accumulate the most points possible. This means it is not necessarily a slam dunk that the usual superstars will win. The floor is open.

The workouts can be viewed here:

Competition workouts – March 2020


Mobility class – March

Posted 3rd March 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hi everyone,

This is a short one, for the next 1 – 2 months of the mobility programming i am going to be making the first half upper body focused, particularly addressing the neck & scapular (shoulder blades). The idea is to have a specific and consistent stimulus to see some more progress, especially for the regulars that make it to class. The other reason is to serve as an active mobility cool down for the 6am gymnastics group and a warm up for the 8am gymnastics group to help see some more long term progress in the gymnastic classes. (more…)

Gymnastics – February

Posted 2nd March 2020 by Anthony Masters

Hi everyone,

Many of you know gymnastics is getting a revamp, we are taking out the CrossFit and making it pure gymnastics yet keeping a small aspect of conditioning for those that still want to see some of that. There are a few main intentions going forward with the structure and programming for the next few months to ensure everyone of all levels from advanced wishing to up their upper body strength & skills to beginners that are still aiming to get their first pull up/ dip can benefit from without feeling out of place. Some of the focus points in the next few months are… (more…)

Barbell Club – March 2020

Posted 1st March 2020 by Jenna Fisher

This month is Phase 2 of the Juggernaut method. Once you have entered your AMRAP numbers from last month the spreadsheet will tell you what to lift this month.

If you are joining Barbell Club for the first time you should start from week 1 of Phase 1. (I have allowed 22 weeks of classes to complete this 16-week program to cater for late starters).

The Juggernaut spreadsheet provides you with the weight that you should lift for each set of the A exercises – back squat, deadlift, bench press and overhead press. You need to enter your 1RM (or 3RM/5RM etc) and the spreadsheet calculates the weights for you. Do this initial inputting on your laptop rather than your phone.

At the end of each session input the number of reps that you achieved for the AMRAP so that the spreadsheet can use the number to calculate what you should lift next month. This will also make you aware of your progression – if in week 1 you completed 12 reps at 65kg and in a later week you achieved 15 reps at 70 then this is worth remembering. Achievements are not only measured by 1RMs.

The spreadsheet is in pounds. Before you enter your 1RM you need to convert it from kilos by multiplying by 2.2. You then convert the weights the spreadsheet gives you back into kilos by dividing by 2.2.

If you are a beginner for whom rep max’s are currently inappropriate, complete 5 sets of 10 reps if this is your first month or 5 sets of 8 reps if this is your second month.

Juggernaut Method Spreadsheet

Alternatively, you can download it from Lift Vault:

Lift Vault

And gain further information from the creators of the training method:

Juggernaut Training Systems

Our accessory exercises are on the Barbell Club spreadsheet:

Barbell Club Program – March 2020

And an excel sheet is provided for you to record your weights for these accessories:

Barbell Club Log for recording your weights – 2020 

If you need assistance in understanding this your coach will be able to help. I am also more than happy to assist: New members – please do not be afraid to ask. This class welcomes all levels of experience.