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What is G.P.P ?

Posted 2nd July 2020 by Josh Schouten

Our new class (G.P.P) will follow the same style of training as CrossFit that we have road tested for the last few years with great success.  As we regularly state, Momentum Training follows what we call a G.P.P program  (general physical preparedness) i.e. our aim is to get you fitter, stronger, healthier and physically and mentally ready for what the world might have to throw at you (we have all had a test drive of this over the last few months).

We will be adding our own little bit of a community twist to this as we come out of lockdown and figure out what the fuck just happened over the last couple of months.

For now, these classes will be for everyone and anyone who would like to attend. All are welcome to come and get sweaty with us.

See you there,

Momentum x