Gymnastics – OCT programming

Anthony Masters | 30-09-2020
Hi gang, The last couple of months have seen some great improvement in bent arm strength as we worked towards the muscle up and overall joint strength. This month is going to be a deload on the high intensity work and introduce more volume to rest the body a bit. This is also predominantly straight arm strength focused. The intent... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 28th September -4th October 2020

Geoff Stewart | 27-09-2020
Another week is coming your way people and its looking like anther fun one. Fun being the important word.   When I normally write your weeks focus its normally something about form and numbers.... you know all this so go get it this week. No prisioners.   Week 10. Woof Monday. Cleans Tuesday. Squat and Pull Wednesday. Snatch Thursday. Other... [Read more]

Mobility – October programming

Anthony Masters
Hi gang, Mobility classes this month will be covering a large variety of body parts. There will be a lot more linear work introduced progressing from last month's foundation. There will also be a few upper/ lower body specific classes to cover small joints such as wrists, elbows, knees and ankles. Here is the itinerary for the following weeks with... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 21st September -27th September 2020

Geoff Stewart | 20-09-2020
Another week another WOD with a silly name and another well done, another tough week under the belts and another fun week coming your way. Focus this week is simple build upon your number, move smoothly, listen to your coaches (training tips) work with great form,  check in with your food your sleep and your stress levels. Week 9. Joy.........?... [Read more]

G.P.P. training program 14th September -20th September 2020

Geoff Stewart | 13-09-2020
I dint now about you lot but these week are coming around faster than a Boris U turn. Onwards and upwards peeps. Week 8. Go get it. Monday. Cleans Tuesday. Squat and Pull Wednesday. Snatch Thursday. Other programs Friday. Deadlift and push Saturday. Heavy breathing Sunday. Other programs (more…)

G.P.P. training program 7th September -13th September 2020

Geoff Stewart | 06-09-2020
Another week of high quality training coming your way people. You now its going to be a great week because you training with momentum and you get to hang with your friend also you have workout called "deep breath" and "Magic eraser".  What isn't there to like. Week 7. Monday. Cleans Tuesday. Squat and Pull Wednesday. Snatch Thursday. Other programs... [Read more]