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Barbell Club – May

Published by <p>For the main lifts (squat, deadlift, bench, OHP), you can choose if you focus on strength or hypertrophy. The amount…</p>

Strong Con – April 2023

Published by <p>StrongCon – April 2023 – Arch 328 Note: the Tuesday 6am StrongCon in Arch 325 will be a different workout…</p>

Barbell Club – April

Published by <p>April will be continuing with hypertrophy but with some sets of functional hypertrophy to bridge the gap into the strength…</p>

Barbell Club – March

Published by <p>This month’s sessions will start with some work on acceleration (force = mass x acceleration). This will be low reps,…</p>

Strong Con Dates

Published by <p>StrongCon workout dates for 20th February – 2nd April – classes in arch 328</p>