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19/8/2013 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 19th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


Day 1: Swim – Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: Bike – Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 3: Run – Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 4: Swim – 1200m @ 80% 800m TT pace

Day 5 : Bike – 15M @ 80% 12M TT pace

Day 6: Run  – 3 x 800m TTs, recover 5:00 between efforts



Day 1: Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates

Day 2: 3 x 800m TTs, recover 5:00 between efforts

Day 3: 5k TT


Momentum Tips to Improve Your ‘Fight Gone Bad’ Score

Posted by Josh Schouten

Fight Gone Bad (or FGB, for short) is one of the CrossFit benchmark workouts where athletes need to most certainly respect the movements and understand their individual strengths and weaknesses.

FGB was designed to simulate the time domains of a mixed martial arts bout of five minutes work followed by one minute of rest between each round. The workout is usually performed over 3 rounds (17minutes), but has also been posted on the main CrossFit site as a 5 round workout (29 minutes)

Three-time CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning has scored just over 500 on FGB and men’s scores over 400 are considered very good. Annie Thorisdottir has scored 409 on FGB and women’s scores over 300 are considered excellent.


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Posted 18th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


Squats and drills
A-1 Overhead Squats (w/ stick or empty bar) 3 x 10reps
A-2 Snatch Balance (w/ stick or empty bar) 3 x 5 reps


15 minutes to complete:

B. Snatch

  • CFA: 7 x 3reps XXXX rst:90
  • BC: 5 x 5 3reps XXXX rst:90

10 minutes to complete:

C. Snatch Pulls 5 x 3 XXXX rst :90


4 Rounds of:
P1: Run 200m with Wall Ball 7/5kg
20 Wall Balls
P2: Run 200m with Slam Ball 9/6/3kg
20 Ball Slams

* Both partners must finish the round and then swap balls

#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 17/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 17th August 2013 by Josh Schouten

Skill Practice & Anterior Mobility

A-1 Candle stick rolls (feet position) 2 x 8-10 Jumping and landing foot positions progression

A-2 Vertical Jumps 2 x 8-10

  • First set hold landing position
  • Second set try to use elastic potential to keep jumping (minimum time on the ground)

Desk Athlete Hip Rescue

  • 2min each left hip flexor stretch with band
  • 2 x 1min each leg RFE split squat stretch (hold bottom position with knee off the ground)

Capacity #1:

3reps on the :30sec for 9minutes (3 rounds, 18 total jumps)
C-1 Over the Box Jumps (over and back is 1 rep) – try both lateral or forward facing jumps.

C-2. Jumping Lunges (note: 3reps per leg, 6 reps total)

C-3. Tuck Jumps

Box Jump Efficiency Tips


In teams of two complete
5 rounds of:
20 Pull-ups
30 Push-ups
40 Ab-mat Sit-ups
50 Air Squats

* Each team member can only perform a max of 10 reps per turn.

#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 16/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 16th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


A-1 Efficient burpee Mechanics

  • Kipping/Bowing in press-up position
  • Sliding the feet in
  • Burpee to Candle stick roll – using rotation to stand tall.  Think of leading with the shoulders (skill transfer to Olympic lifting)


12 minutes to complete:

B. Sumo Deadlift (work up to max weight with good form)

  • CFA: 6×3 30×1 rst:90
  • BC: 5×5 30×1 rst:90

15 minutes to complete:

C-1 BB 20′ Box Lateral Step-ups (scale low reebok step)

  • CFA: 3×6-8 21×1 rst:60
  • BC: 3×8-10 21×1 rst:60

C-2 GHR (scale: nordic raises) 3 x 10-12 30×0 rst :60


7minutes AMRAP of:
7 Burpees