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#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 30/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 30th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


15minutes to teach: 

A. Snatch Tekkers (use stick or empty bar)

  • Muscle Snatch
  • Power Snatch
  • Squat Snatch

Strength Capacity:

12minutes to complete:

B. Squat Snatch 3reps EMOM for 12 min*

* If Squat Snatch is difficult, perform Pwr Snatch followed by Overhead Squat to best depth with good form.


Angie (20minute time cap)

100 Pull-ups
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next.

#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 29/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 29th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


15 minutes to complete:

A. Teach Double Under Skills then:

  • 200DU for time (or ME DU in 5minutes)


Note: This is W.O.D #2 for the competition with P360 this coming weekend

20minutes to complete:

**Go through warm-up and coaching points on movements

Rx: 4 Rounds for time of:

3 Cleans 50/25kg

6 Shoulder To Overhead (STOH) 50/25kg

9 Front Squats 50/25kg


Scale/Partner W.O.D: 4 Rounds for time of:

3 Cleans 40/20kg

6 Shoulder to Overhead (STOH) 40/20kg

9 Front Squats 40/20kg


15 minutes to complete 

10 x 100m Sprints (ALL OUT EFFORTS) :60sec rest between each

#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 28/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted 28th August 2013 by Josh Schouten


A. Teach Fireman’s Carry (10m partner carry) x 4


20minutes to complete:

B. Sumo Deadlift

  • CFA attempt 1 RM with good form. (suggest reps: 5,3,3,2,2,2,1,1) rst :90-120sec
  • BC: work up to 3RM with good form 6-7 x 3reps rst :90-120sec

W.O.D. Hot Shots 19

With a Partner, 6 Rounds of: 

1x each person 10m Fireman’s Carry
19 reps per person- Partner Wall Balls 9/7kg
19 reps per person – Partner Burpee Box Jumps
19 reps per person – Alternating Deadlifts 65/45kg

** after completion of 6 rounds, 10m low crawl shuttle until all teams are done. **

Improve Your Fight Gone Bad Score – Final thoughts from StreTch

Posted 27th August 2013 by Josh Schouten

Over the last week I’ve put together a collection of blog posts to help improve your Fight Gone Bad Scores. Today I put it all to the test.  It’s no good preaching it if you’re not going practice it.

My previous best score was 315 and this was achieved with no real plan, I just squatted, pulled, jumped, pressed and rowed as hard and fast as possible. This time I decided to follow my excellent advice (even if I do say so myself) and follow a structured plan (more here).

My target score was 330 (15 reps higher than my previous best)

This is 110 reps per round

Or an average of 22 reps per exercise

I hate the rower and I struggle with the Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDHP). On the other hand I’m good at Box Jumps, Wall Balls and the Push-Press.  So I decided to target the following reps on each station:



#CrossFit #Hackney #WOD 27/08/2013 #withmomentum

Posted by Josh Schouten


A-1  Burpees with Kip and Candlestick Roll drills 2 x 10reps

A-2 Over the Box Jumps Technique 2 x 10reps

Strength Capacity:

B. Clean Drills with stick/bar

Use a weight that allows you to complete all rounds successfully (65-75% 1 RM)
EMOM for 10 minutes perform:

C-1 Power Clean x 2reps
C-2 Front Squat x 2reps


Note: This is W.O.D #3 for the competition with P360 next weekend.

For time complete:

Rx: 400m Run
50 KB Snatch (25ea arm) 20/12kg
40 Over the box jumps 24″/20″
30 Sit ups
20 Pull Up
10 Burpee
400m Run

Scaled: 200m Run
50 KB Swings 20/12kg
40 Box jumps 24″/20″
30 Sit ups
20 Jumping Pull Ups
10 Burpee
200m Run