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Posted 31st May 2013 by Josh Schouten


Upper Body – band activation

A-1 Chest Press / Floor Press 4 x 6-8 / 12-15 rest 60 31×0

A-2 BB Bent over row 4 x 6-8 / 12-15 rest 60 31×0

B-1 Seated BB OH Press 3 x 8-12 rest 60 30×0

B-2 Banded Face Pulls 3 x 8-12 rest 60 30×0


For time:

50 – Kb Swing 24/16

40 – Sheena Press Up

30 – Box Jump 20/24

20 – Pull Ups

10 – OH Walking Lunges 20/10



Scores on the board


30/05/2012 CrossFit Hackney W.O.D

Posted 29th May 2013 by Josh Schouten


A-1 20min to establish 1RM Clean (or practice Clean Skills)

B-1 KB Farmers Walks  4 x 40m

B-2 KB Front Rack Step-ups 4 x 20


10min AMRAP

5 Power Cleans 60/40kg (or medball)

10 Over the bar burpees

29/05/2012 CrossFit Hackney W.O.D

Posted by Josh Schouten


A-1 Strict OH Press 4 x [Strength Athlete: 3-5, Body Composition Athlete 6-10] 30×1  :60rest

A-2 Pull-ups & Kipping Activation 2 x 10-20 20×0 :60rest


4 Rounds for time of:

400m Run

20 KB Swing 20/12kg

5 Push-Press 60/30kg

The Launch of Momentum Training

Posted 27th May 2013 by Josh Schouten

What a fantastic first week we had at Momentum Training. During the weekend of 18-19th of May we had over 100 people participate in either a CrossFit Hackney class or a Met-con class. It was awesome to see the box full of people pushing sleds, bashing ropes, jumping on boxes, performing squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, having fun, and meeting new people. The energy was amazing.


Geoff, Josh and StreTch were so wrapped with the success of the weekend that they decided to extend free classes for the week. With six free classes on the timetable from Monday to Thursday we had just over 80 people turn up. Loads of people were full of praise and positive comments about the facility, the classes, and the good-looking motivational trainers.

We are all very excited about the future prospects of Momentum Training and building a strong and healthy community in Hackney.

The team at Momentum Training would like to thank all of you who made it along to one or more of our classes. All the hard work, time and effort we have put into preparing the Momentum Training space was well worth it.

Over the coming months there will be load of new and exciting seminars, classes, events and more on offer. Please stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter feeds from all the updated.

We look forward to helping all of you achieve your health and fitness goals.