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03/06/2013 CrossFit Endurance @ CrossFit Hackney

Posted 3rd June 2013 by Josh Schouten


At CrossFit Hackney we believe that CrossFit Endurance (CFE) is smashing all the rules and offering the endurance community an alternative to train for ALL endurance sports in possibly a smarter and healthier way. Both Stretch and Josh have trained under the Co founder of Brian Mackenzie seeing amazing results in not only their own training but also the athletes that have adopted the CFE protocol and training methods. You will train hard, this is not an option but you will only ever complete what you can recover from. CFE will require you to have an “unscared” attitude towards training and trying new things. After all results speak louder than words.

CrossFit Hackney will be following the prescription laid out on the CFE main-page two weeks behind offering endurance athletes sport specific training sessions to hit 3-6 days per week. While the strength and conditioning workouts will appear on the timetable in July. For now we will upload the sport specific sessions for you to head out and complete week in, week out.

Our aim is to offer an alternative to the time sapping Long Slow Distance (LSD) that we have all become accustomed to as being the only way to train for endurance sports. CrossFit Hackney and CrossFit Endurance are here to open you eyes to the alternatives out there. Tip: Keep and eye out for Runners World UK in the coming months. A change is in the air.

Runners :

Day -1 (short interval):

90 seconds on / 90 seconds off until form starts to deteriorate

Day-2 (long interval):

4:00 minutes on / 3:00 minutes off until form starts to deteriorate

Day-3 (stamina):

6Mi @ 80% 3M TT pace



Day -1 (short interval): Swim – 90 seconds on / 90 seconds off until form starts to deteriorate

Day-2 (long interval): Run – 4:00 on / 3:00 off, until form/pace deteriorates

Day-3 (short interval): Cycle – 90 seconds on / 90 seconds off until form starts to deteriorate

Day-4 (stamina): Swim – 1000m @ 85% 1200m TT pace

Day-5 (stamina) Run – 6M @ 80% 3M TT pace

Day-6: (stamina) Cycle – 16km @ 85% of 16km TT pace.


Posted by Josh Schouten


A-1 Press-up (ecc) 4 x 6-8 5010 rest :60

A-2 Chin-up (ecc) 4 x 6-8 5000 rest :60

B-1 Hollow Rocks 4 x 15-20 1010 rest :30

B-2 L-Sit 4x ALAP rest :30


W.O.D 1

5min AMRAP:

5 x Thruster 40/20kg

10 x TTB (or scale)


Rest 2min


W.O.D 2

5min AMRAP

10 x Wall Balls 7/5kg

5 x TTB (or scale)

02/06/2013 Momentum Met-con

Posted 2nd June 2013 by Josh Schouten

In partners 45 sec work 15 second change x4 rounds at each station.

1. Weighted prowler push / jump pull ups

2. MB squeeze press / MB alt lunges

3. Working together 2xBB press / BB alt squats

4. Weighed sled pull / seated rope pull up

5. Left leg high step / right leg high step

6. Farmers walk / bear crawling


With trainers choice:

2 minutes deep squat hold.

2 minutes bar hang with knees up, burpee penalties

6 mins trainers shout out…….

June 2013: Momentum Workout Of the Month

Posted by Josh Schouten

The first ever W.O.M at CrossFit Hackney is….. <insert drum roll here>


Cindy (20min AMRAP of:)

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats


Over the coming weeks the team at Momentum Training will be helping all of our athletes improve these movements.  The goal is to SMASH your Cindy scores in June 2013.  Lets get to work team!

The Momentum W.O.M

Posted by Josh Schouten

CrossFitWOD At Momentum Training our aim is to make our athletes* stronger, faster and healthier.  “You cannot manage or improve what you do not measure” is an old management adage that can be applied to just about everything we do. Unless you measure something, how do you know whether or not it’s improving?

For this reason we are planning to do a Workout Of the Month (W.O.M).

At the start of the month we will post a W.O.M on our blog and encourage our athletes to set an initial score.  This can be done during a CrossFit class or one of our Open Gym sessions.  Ideally we would like this score set in the first week of the month and we encourage ALL athletes to write their initial scores on the blackboard in the gym.

As we progress through the month we will break the W.O.M down and teach the most efficient skills and techniques needed to master the movements in the W.O.M.

At the end of the month our athletes will repeat the W.O.M and hopefully see significant improvements.

*Everybody who enters the Momentum Training space is considered an athlete

Good luck team =)