CFH Training Plan 06/07/2015 – 12/07/2015

Josh Schouten | 05-07-2015
Week 15 of 16 Juggernaut COACHES COMMENT:  A Healthy Bank Account -  We should manage our health status the same way as we manage our “bank account”, something from which we make deposits and withdrawals.  Like a bank account, our “Health Balance” is a product of credits minus debits. If we make more frequent (or larger) deposits than withdrawals, we... [Read more]

CrossFit Hackney AM v’s PM Throwdown

Josh Schouten | 03-07-2015
Who trains harder?  Who is stronger, fitter, faster, and better looking?   It is true that the early bird catches the worm?  Or do the evening members see better gains by releasing their daily work frustration on the iron? Its time to find the answer to all of these questions and more! CrossFit Hackney is planning an AM v PM throwdown.... [Read more]