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Mobility Class: Oct/ Nov Program

Posted 17th October 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello guys,

Quick update, the mobility class on Tuesdays 6:30pm has been moved over to arch 325 (spin studio) where it is warmer and there is more space. For the new joiners, this is a class focused on helping our bodies move and feel better (through mobilising, stretching & strength training) so that we can show some love to our body as we continue to thrive in and out of the gym environment. (more…)

BBC Hypertrophy Add-On

Posted 12th October 2021 by Jenna Fisher

Barbell Club focuses on a strength program with supporting accessories and those who have been dedicated to this have been achieving great results. For those who would like more hypertrophy, I have created an add-on program that you can use alongside your other classes.

Barbell Club Hypertrophy Add-On

With only a 3-day per week program BBC is not able to provide enough sets each week for every muscle group to grow significant size. A few members have expressed an interest in hypertrophy over strength so this add-on program aims to fill that gap.


StrongCon update

Posted 4th October 2021 by Jenna Fisher

As you know, during this 6-week block, workout 3 remains on Sundays to enable access to the spin studio. Workouts 1 and 2 are therefore alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays rather than Sunday as well. For this reason, the exercises are changing this week (week 3) to provide variety. See below for the new workouts: