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CrossFit Programme May 27th – 2nd June

Anthony Waller | 26-05-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week 8  - Deload    Massive start to the week, as we pay homage and remember those that serve everyday to protect us around the world. This week we recoup and regain a little energy before the final stretch of the programme. With new PBs and glory awaiting your arrival just a few weeks from... [Read more]

Strong Con – May/ June 2024

Jenna Fisher
Strong Con - May/June 2024 Strong Con will follow a different format for the next few months. You will complete the main lift before you begin the conditioning so that you can focus on increasing the load and building strength. The rep format for the main lift will remain the same every week until the end of June. You can... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme May 20th – 26th

Anthony Waller | 19-05-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week 7     It's only the second wave of the training cycle and already we've seen some huge PBs and with plenty of technique improvements across the board in lifting too. As we move into heavy singles this week be patient and trust the process, there's plenty of time left in this cycle so... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme May 13th – 19th

Anthony Waller | 12-05-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week 6    Same drills, different day. Keep pushing. “The last mile is always the least crowded” See you at work.   Monday – Press + Dips  Tuesday – Pulls + HSPU + Clean & Jerk  Wednesday – Conditioning Thursday – Gymnastics Friday – Front Squat + Snatch  Saturday – Deadlift + Bench + Pull... [Read more]

Learn to Lift – May 18th

Josh Schouten | 10-05-2024
WHAT IS OUR LEARN TO LIFT INTRO COURSE AND WHO IS IT FOR? Our course is a comprehensive introduction to simple and complex lifting (more detail below) and it is suitable for anyone, regardless of fitness level or prior gym experience. Read on to find out more, or if you’d like to try out our CrossFit Trial Class first, book... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme May 6th – 12th

Anthony Waller | 04-05-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week 5  The second wave of the cycle begins and after our first deload week hopefully you’re feeling fresh and ready to go once again. “The goal when we experience  adversity is to be able to say this is what I have trained for, for this is my discipline“  See you at work.   Monday... [Read more]

Barbell Club – May 2024

Jenna Fisher | 29-04-2024
This month we return to moving together as a class to clock timings for the B and C exercises and on weeks 1 and 2 for the As. In my classes, I will call the clock out - when to start and stop - to make it easier for you. For the As we move from sets of 10 last... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme April 29th – May 5th

Anthony Waller | 27-04-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week 4 - DELOAD  First pit stop of the cycle and it’s time to let the rig recover a little before the next push. All is in check so far as we continue to build and hit our mark one training session at a time.  “The goal when we experience  adversity is to be able... [Read more]

CrossFit Programme April 22nd – 28th

Anthony Waller | 20-04-2024
  NEW CYCLE 🚨   Week two complete and things are taking shape nicely. Brick by brick we build our way to the target, letting no stone go unturned. Trust the process and enjoy it too, it's a privilege we sometimes forget to appreciate. What a gift these bodies are and what weapons we can turn them into if we... [Read more]