Olympic Lifting – September – October (6 weeks)

Posted 7th September 2021 by Josh Schouten


It’s finally here. After a long hiatus, we have managed to bring back the long-awaited Olympic Weightlifting class (90mins). We will be kicking it off this Saturday 10am.

We are going to tie the session in with the regular CrossFit program as many already dabble in both. This will allow you to get a solid 3 days of lifting in each week: Monday CF, Tuesday CF, Saturday OW. The WODs for the day will be programmed to coincide with this. For those looking to follow the program closely, we suggest looking at the program and getting your numbers ready before class. (New members are equally welcome – no need to worry about the numbers, we will help you out).

The Saturday session is where most of the heavy lifting will be done as the additional time allows for a longer warm-up and specific auxiliary work. As we know, some assistance exercises are specific to the individual and we will be giving these out face-to-face where we can assess what is needed.

As always, there is a program, which you can find here – 6 weeks of bliss

Josh x




September Mobility Program

Posted 6th September 2021 by Anthony Masters

Hello guys,

Below is an itinerary for September of what will be covered each week in the mobility class. If you didn’t know about this class it is every tues @ 6:30pm arch 328, front room where we spend some time making our bodies move & feel better. (more…)

CrossFit Hackney

Posted 2nd September 2021 by Geoff Stewart


Welcome back, CrossFit Hackney. After a few years and much discussion, we have made the decision to return to the Crossfit affiliation program. This wasn’t an easy call. A new CEO, Eric Rosa has put in a load of hard work and establish a new, open and positive direction for the worldwide community in terms of inclusion for all. If you fancy, watch the video.