September, October, November 2015 Foundations dates

Josh Schouten | 03-08-2015
What is CrossFit Foundations? CrossFit Foundations is a set of lessons designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to participate in a CrossFit class at CrossFit Hackney (and any other CrossFit affiliate you might visit for that matter!). The CrossFit Hackney Foundations programme is not part of your normal membership.  It has been designed to introduce... [Read more]

CFH Training Plan 03/08/2015 – 09/08/2015

Josh Schouten | 02-08-2015
Week 3 of 16 Olympic Lifting and Russian Squats COACHES COMMENT:  A number of members took up the offer to have their “hair mineral and toxic analysis” test done at the London BioLab.  It was interesting to see that the majority had low levels of magnesium, including myself (and I’ve been supplementing with magnesium for years).  In past courses/lectures I’ve... [Read more]