CFH Training Plan 01/02/2016 – 07/01/2016

Posted 31st January 2016 by Josh Schouten

Week 3 of 5 EST + CrossFit Open Prep


Been a very productive week this week and found myself a little short on time to write a post.  Enjoy this week of training team.

RECOMMENDED WEEKLY READING: 5 Reasons Crossfitters Struggle With Toes To Bar – Before kipping, strict core strength should be built with exercises like planks, hollow rocks, hollow rock holds, side planks, good mornings, deadlifts, GHD extensions, hanging knee raises (strict knee to elbows), strict toes-to-bars, L-holds, seated L-sit and other similar exercises. CARBS the Training Fuel – For those of us that train hard and care about results in a big way, we know that nutrition is very important to optimize results. Most of us know that getting enough calories to grow muscle, eating fewer calories to burn fat, and consuming enough protein are all super important steps. And that’s totally spot on. But what about carbs? Butter Up for Health – Incorporate butter in your daily diet, you’re going to be healthier and leaner for it  Top Five Benefits of Meditation So should you meditate? The real question is more why haven’t you picked up the habit yet. Your health and performance in the gym and in life will improve. Other than exercising, I can’t think of a better investment that a habit taking few minutes a day can bring. Be mindful! ‘Fat but fit’: How carrying excess weight can have long-term health consequences – For decades, scientists believed that excess body fat was mere storage for unused calories. However, research conducted over the past 20 years suggests added fat is more than a little extra cushion—fat cells are actually “toxic factories,” each one producing inflammatory cytokines (chemical messengers of inflammation) throughout the body and causing potentially serious damage to your health.


Heavy Metcon 27/1/16

Posted 26th January 2016 by Geoff Stewart


Heavy Retcon 27/1/16

Warm up

With a partner UGIG format with a BB

Start with an empty bar work for 3 mins

Add some weight work for 3 mins

Add some weight work for 3 mins

Add some weight work for 6 mins


Power clean

Front squat

Push press

Back squat

Rack jerk



Working in teams of 4 people in a follow the leader format 30 mins working time max rounds.

Deadlifts 6 120%BW or heavier

Power cleans 3 85% BW or heavier

2xKB Walking lunges 6el heavy

2xKB Thrusters 3 heavy

2xKB farmers walk heavy

CrossFit Hackney Weapons: Training Plan – Week 1-4

Posted 24th January 2016 by Josh Schouten

Week 1-to-4 “The Building Phase”


MONDAY 25/01/2016

CrossFit Weapons

[1-2min] Thoracic Opener
[1-2min] Chest and Shoulder Opener
[1-2min each side] Ankle Mobility
Mid Back Activations drill
Glute Activation Drill
3 HP-Sn 60-70%
STRENGTH PART D. 5 Rounds of:
3 Sn G Seg DL 90-100% of Sn

PART E. 4 Rounds of:
[6-8] Sn G BNK Press, work up to heavy
[8-10] Prone Trap#3 Raise
CAPACITY PART F. 5 Rounds @80-90% work effort
6 Thrusters 45/35kg
12 Pull ups
18 Over the Box Jumps
-3min rest between rounds-


6 Tips to Make Every Workout Awesome

Posted by Josh Schouten

A training or practice session should leave you feeling refreshed and able to go again the next day, rather than sore and unable to move, like a destructive workout might.  A great training session is one that leaves you feeling energised and ready to take on the world; it is as much physical reward as it is mental reward.  We want should all want our workouts to be enjoyable and leave us wanting to do more.

I’ve written about the importance of a positive attitude in a pervious post  and there are certain strategies that can be used to help everyone stay motivated and feel great about their training sessions.

BeAwesome“You’re only competing against yourself” is common phrase we hear a lot in the CrossFit community.  The competitive aspect of CrossFit is a fantastic part of CrossFit and it has the potential to bring out the best in our performance.  However, it can sometimes get the better of us and potential lead us to a poor performance because we can get a little carried away by put to much weight on the bar, not scale the movements to our ability, or by try to compete against someone who is fitter, faster and/or stronger than us at the moment.  This can leave us feeling a little flat after our workouts and make us think that we are not progressing, we have lost strength, or we have lost fitness.  This is often not the case and hopefully the following 6 training tips can you make every workout AWESOME.


CFH Training Plan 25/01/2016 – 31/01/2016

Posted by Josh Schouten

Week 2 of 5 EST + CrossFit Open Prep


BeAwesome6 Tips to Make Every Workout Awesome

A training or practice session should leave you feeling refreshed and able to go again the next day, rather than sore and unable to move, like a destructive workout might…. (more)


RECOMMENDED WEEKLY READING: The Not-To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now – It’s hip to focus on getting things done, but it’s only possible once we remove the constant static and distraction. If you have trouble deciding what to do, just focus on not doing. Different means, same end. Exercise Works Best for Lower Back Pain – Imbalance among the anterior and posterior chains of muscles leads to many of the physical pains you experience Is There A Best Time To Exercise? – Does the common practice of aerobic exercise on an empty stomach actually lead to increased fat oxidation? Chronobiology is the science of biological rhythms. Your body has a built-in natural clock that governs various mechanisms in the body, including the release of hormones. Perhaps the most familiar example of a biological rhythm is the need for sleep. Defeat Poor CrossFit Movement With These Work-Rest Strategies – Many CrossFit workouts have the fastest time or the highest number of reps as the desired outcome. Athletes completing AMRAPs count the number of reps or rounds completed in a particular amount of time. Other workouts use time to complete a specified set of movements as the outcome. The standards reinforced are faster times or more reps, rather than how well you do the movements. Crawling, Carrying, and Coordination by Roger Nelsen Jr.– Movements like juggling, swimming, or top speed sprinting, the coordination requirements are very high. For movements like deadlifts, overhead medicine ball throws, or broad jumps, the barrier to entry is considerably lower. Regardless of the complexity of a pattern however, specific practice is necessary to maximize coordination and skill expression. The need for specificity having been clearly stated, I feel that one of the most overlooked, and potentially beneficial, areas of training is that of general coordination.