Whole Life Challenge 2017 – Part II

Josh Schouten | 02-01-2017
Setting good habits whether it be the new year or any point throughout the year is always going to bring about beneficial change. If you have read Part I of the Whole Life Challenge  (WLC) and are looking at taking on a challenge to improve daily habits not just in the gym but in your day to day life taking... [Read more]

Whole Life Challenge 2017

Josh Schouten | 01-01-2017
Whole Life Challenge 3,2,1…GO!!! Who’s up for a "Whole Life Challenge” (WLC)?.  in 2017 Momentum Training will be encouraging our members to take part in a WLC.   Josh will be joining in on this and looking to show what can be achieved in 8 weeks.  The 56 days of the WLC will help you create healthy lifestyle habits and a... [Read more]