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Whole Life Challenge 2017

Posted 1st January 2017 by Josh Schouten

Whole Life Challenge

3,2,1…GO!!! Who’s up for a “Whole Life Challenge” (WLC)?.  in 2017 Momentum Training will be encouraging our members to take part in a WLC.   Josh will be joiwlc-league-logo-1418096ba62a7f9efe030fd3516dd016413c49741ac27d48fc70356103756938ning in on this and looking to show what can be achieved in 8 weeks.  The 56 days of the WLC will help you create healthy lifestyle habits and a routine that’s all about results not only in the gym but also outside as well.

We have registered a WLC team (Momentum Training). Join our group by using the Momentum Training link. If you sign up before January 4th the investment will be $39USD or $29USD for returning clients, late registrations will be $49USD. The WLC online platform creates a community for our gym members and measures individuals and us as a team against the countless other CrossFit affiliates taking part in the 2017 WLC event.  If you need a kick up the backside, get signed up and leave the excuses in 2016.

There will be more info to come over the next few weeks, in the mean time you will find the outline of the challenge below.

Step 1:


Identify where you currently are by doing the Preliminary WLC Body & Fitness Inventory

  •  Take a snapshot of your body
  •  Do an appropriate workout for your fitness level
  • Complete your choice of one (or several) body measurements (weight, girths, body fat %)

Step 2:

For the next 56 days, organise your life around the WLC 7 Daily Habits

  • Eat by the WLC rules you choose at the level that is right for you. Make conscious choices that support your vision for a healthy lifestyle. Earn up to 5 points daily for nutrition.
  • Exercise for at least 10 minutes each day. We recommend 3-5 “workouts” each week. The other days you’ll earn your points by being active. Ride your bike, surf, hike, even take an invigorating walk at sunset. This is your time to move daily. You earn 2 points for exercise.
  • Stretch  ( not the person the activity) for at least 10 minutes each day. You earn 2 points for stretching.
  •  Water One third of your body weight in oz. of water each day (20 ml per kg). You earn 1 point for water.
  • Supplement with a dietary supplement that would make a difference for your body if you took it every day. You earn one point for your supplement.
  • Live the WLC weekly lifestyle practice – things like sleep, meditate, & supporting others. You earn 1 point each day you complete the weekly lifestyle task.
  • Reflect at the end of each day and check in with how it went and how you’re doing. No amount of numbers can paint the whole picture. Your daily reflection helps you see how the challenge is really going. You earn 1 point daily for your reflection.


Check in daily by visiting the WLC site every day to record your score in the 7 Habits. Keep track of your progress by checking the leaderboard and your stats. Create support by joining up with a team of people you’re both connected to and care about. You can:

  • Communicate through the reflection feed
  • Check in on your teammates and see how they’re doing
  • Share your ups and downs
  • Give props & encouragement
  • Schedule meet-ups


Step 3:

Finish with a Game Ending WLC Body & Fitness Inventory

  • Take snapshots (these are your “after” pics)
  • Repeat your preliminary workout test
  • Repeat your preliminary measurements

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